Battling COVID-19, Unpaid Taxes and Unfiled Tax Returns Together
In today’s climate, The Tax Resolution understands the hardships that surround dealing with unfiled tax returns and back taxes owed. In these times, it makes sense to spend the time to catch up with your taxes issues.

For most, this is a plight that cannot be fought alone. As lonGirl open armsg as COVID-19 is around, it is actually an ideal time to fix those tax issues that have been bothering you for too long. The Tax Resolution Institute is here to ensure future financial success and security for you and your loved ones.

We are here to help
The Tax Resolution Institute offers professional tax resolution services that take the worry off you and puts the task of resolving your tax issues into the hands of our highly trained team of tax professionals. Since our inception, we have prided ourselves in obtaining optimal results using our many years of experience.

Tax Resolution is just a call or click away
As the most reputable tax consulting company based in Los Angeles, we can help you find quick and legitimate tax relief. After a free consultation to go over the tax challenges at hand, our CPAs can file your income tax returns if necessary.

In addition, we will get the IRS and State off your back by negotiating a settlement with the IRS. This often not only reduces penalties and related interest, it often lowers the actual tax amount you owe.

Tax Resolution Services
Whether you need an installment agreement, qualify for an IRS offer in compromise, need to be placed into currently non-collectable status or have a problem with California or any other State, our team can help, whether you reside in the United States or abroad.

If you have any questions about unfiled tax returns or back taxes owed, please contact the Tax Resolution Institute for a free consultation.

The Los Angeles Tax Resolution Specialists at the Tax Resolution Institute have the experience and the expertise you need to find a workable solution to your tax problems. Our team is equipped with CPAs and tax attorneys ready to help with challenges brought on by the IRS and State taxing agencies.

There is no reason for you to let unfiled tax returns or back taxes plague your thoughts and keep you up worrying every night. If you need help, be proactive and call The Tax Resolution Institute today for a free consultation. Peace of mind is even more important during these difficult times.

Call us at (800) 658-7590 or email us at to get the help you need.

Matt Cohen
Matthew Cohen is a partner at the Tax Resolution Institute.

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