Nothing is scarier that waking up to find out all of the money you have in the bank has been frozen and will most likely be taken with little chance of getting it back. Learn about how to get a bank levy release.

The IRS and State know this and use bank levies as an effective tool to wake up a delinquent taxpayer that has been ignoring their problem. If your bank account or accounts have been levied, you need to act NOW. If you have not yet been levied but are receiving notices threatening collection activity, it may just be a matter of time.

How it Works

Assuming your account has been levied, your funds are frozen and you have up to 21 days to act before they are remitted to the IRS. If the 21 days have passed and the money is gone, you have next to no chance to get it back. In addition to the upsetting news that your money is gone, it may be even further unsettling to know that you are by no means “out of the woods”.

If they are successful, the government will continue to levy, and if they were not, they will take other collection action against you until you pay your liability in full or you enter into an alternative agreement such as an installment agreement, offer in compromise or currently non-collectible status.

You can’t afford to have this happen to you

Having spent 30+ years helping people with these types of issues, we understand that not have access to your money makes it impossible to live day-to-day let alone sleep at night.

It is important to know that the IRS is willing to work with taxpayers if they are proactive. They only enact levies if a taxpayer is non-responsive. They do this to get the taxpayer to react to their requests. We use this information to try and enter our clients into an alternative plans and in doing so request that the levy be released with a great deal of success.

We are here to help

Once again, it can be scary to face the possibility of or even worse to be the “victim” of a bank levy. With more than 30 years experience, The Tax Resolution Institute has been extremely successful in having the IRS and State return all or part of the amount held via a bank levy. Instead of facing a dire situation, call us today and use your unfortunate situation as leverage to negotiate a suitable agreement.

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