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IRS Taxpayer Relief Initiative Provides Assistance to Delinquent Taxpayers

The IRS has eased up on collection activity in order to help taxpayers affected by COVID-19.  Below is summary of options and programs enacted to provide additional relief… Offers in Compromise In most cases, a taxpayer has five months to full pay their offer in...

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The IRS Wants to See You Suffer!

In Their Resolution Outline, the IRS Ignores the Hardship Option When the IRS presents back tax resolution options to the public, why is it that IRS hardship status is not listed and an Internal Revenue Service option? In a recent official publication for taxpayers that outlines ways to resolve back taxes owed, the Internal Revenue Service ignores IRS hardship status as an option.

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PPP Flexibility Act Passed Into Law

PPP Flexibility Act Passed Into Law by Matthew Cohen Many of you applied for or plan on applying for Paycheck Protection Loan under the CARES Act. Assuming you have received or will receive funds stemming from this loan, you can breathe...

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Who Do You Pay and How Do You Do It?

The ins-and-outs of employees vs outside contractors Employee vs Independent Contractor – Overview If you run a business and get support from workers other than yourself, you have probably asked yourself the question “should I pay these people as employees or as outside contractors?”

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