In order to reach an agreement with the IRS or State, a taxpayer must be in compliance. By definition this includes having all prior year tax returns filed. In addition to completing tax return preparation and resolving tax matters, the Tax Resolution institute has over 30 years experience providing tax and accounting services to our clients. Each one of our locations is backed by a team of traditional tax and accounting professionals, that is a full-serviceTax Returns tax firm.

Filing Tax Returns Go a Long Way

It is important to note that simply preparing your tax returns can significantly lower your tax liability and improve your standing with the taxing agencies. In some cases, preparing returns can remove your liability completely.

Below is a list of just some of the types of tax returns that the Tax Resolution Institute prepares:

Individual income tax returns
Corporation income tax returns
S-Corporation income tax returns
Federal payroll tax returns
State payroll tax returns
State sales tax returns
The IRS adds a 25% penalty to your liability for each tax return filed more than 5 months past the due date. Let the Tax Resolution Institute get you back on track.

We Are Here To Help

Do not hesitate to contact us right away. Our CPAs are ready to prepare your returns today.

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