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Are you a tax professional seeking advise and education on IRS Collections?

45-Day Rule

With complex IRS tax issues such as the 45-Day Rule it is always a good idea to consult with a Tax Expert such as the Tax Resolution Institute. What follows should NEVER be considered the final word on the topic nor should it be considered legal advice. We have a...

Taxpayer Call-in Form

Have a question or concern regarding your tax issues? Now you can participate in this forum and get your questions answered with no pressure whatsoever. If you do not have a specific question you can still join the call and list to general information pertaining to...
IRS Scam Phone Calls

IRS Scam Phone Calls

If you owe tax, getting a call from the IRS seems likely. In actuality, it takes a fair amount of time, and not until several notices have been sent for a delinquent taxpayer to receive a call from the IRS if ever. Often the IRS will attempt to collect via...
Installment Agreements

Installment Agreements

It is common to have your taxes prepared only to find out you cannot afford to pay the amount you owe. One of the various types of installment agreements available might be a solution for you. If you owe the IRS or State more than you can afford to pay, you are...
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