If you believe that as an innocent spouse as it relates to an IRS assessment, you should inquire as to what rights you have.

The good news is that the IRS recently relaxed the rules under which an injured spouse may claim relief. (details on Innocent Spouse Relief at IRS.gov)

Types of relief

Innocent Spouse Relief IRS
You may be entitled to Innocent Spouse Relief. Call (818) 704-1443 to find out today.

In addition to needing to meet the requirements classified under “traditional relief”, an injured spouse may request relief via allocation of liability or request innocent spouse relief under the equitable relief rules. Another significant change that benefits the seeker involves the streamlined determination process.

Under the new rules, the IRS is now able to weigh new factors including marital status, hardship status and knowledge associated with the return/s in question in making their determination. Prior to the change, a request may have been denied if the requesting spouse did not meet all of the conditions listed above.

Although the rules to request relief have been relaxed, to achieve success, the process to have a request granted must be managed by professionals with (1) a history of practicing in this area and (2) a clear understanding of the new Revenue Procedures that apply to this area.

We can help

If you believe that you qualify for relief as an injured spouse under any circumstance, let the Tax Resolution Institute represent you using our 25 plus years experience to obtain the best outcome possible.

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