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Do you have tax problems and need help?

The Tax Resolution Institute takes pride in being one of the top tax resolution firms nationwide.  Unlike some, we practice in a responsible manner, ensuring our clients are pleased with the results.

Because we practice responsibly, we want to make sure that the majority taxpayers if not everyone has a clear understanding of how the process should occur.

In addition to practicing in this area, we are the authors of The Ultimate Guide to Tax Resolution textbook.  Professionals refer to us as “the company that wrote the textbook (literally) on tax resolution”.

Our skills and 30 plus years experience allow our team of experts to help individuals and businesses achieve optimal tax

We are able to do so by leveraging the taxpayer’s unfortunate situation, including the use of their inability to pay as a negotiating tactic.

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Only Tax Attorneys & CPA’s manage your case

At the Tax Resolution Institute, all cases are managed by tax attorneys and CPA’s. We understand the importance of having the right person at the wheel.  WIth 30 plus years experience, you know you will be in good hands.

Personalized No-Stress Consultation

Rest assured knowing we will answer your questions and design a custom tailored plan to resolve your unique to your tax situation.  You have come to the right place if we can hep and if not, we will not take your case.

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Backed  by a Full-Service CPA Firm

ssttax.comSST CPAs Inc has been providing quality, personalized financial guidance to local individuals and businesses for over 25 years.

Proud Members of

The world’s largest member association representing the accounting profession sets ethical standards, auditing standards and develops the CPA Exam.

IRS Approved Continuing Education ProviderWe have been qualified by the IRS to train CPA’s, EA’s, and Attorneys how to practice Tax Resolution.

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