Peter & Norman,

My special thanks for the work you all did in making my Post-Hanukkah/Pre-Christmas gift come true.

My Social Security lien was taken off and, in receiving my first Notice of Payment due from the IRS (December 28, 2017), I decided to make it today and did so with a smile.  Your staff proved to be very professional and delivered more than what was expected or anticipated.

Let me wish all of you, and the rest of the staff, at SST CPAS, Inc., a wonderful Holiday season.


From: I.T.
To: Norman J Kreisman Cc: Peter Stephan

Subject: Re: IRS Offer Accepted

Ebullient does not begin to describe my mood. Thank you all for your work on this … Looking forward to personally thanking you.


Hi Peter,

I appreciate you taking the time to follow up.

Norman understood my questions completely and answered them thoroughly. As far as I can tell, there aren’t many people out there who understand the subtleties of the rules governing the filing (and more to the point in my case re-filing) of tax liens. I read material from at least 20 tax resolution web sites/blogs/FAQs, etc, and none of them came close to giving me the answers. Norman poured through arcane material in IRS revenue agent manuals and found the answers there, which were instrumental in selecting the best course of action for my situation.

I believe your guys are now working through the process to re-establish my installment payment plan.
– B.G.


Today I received my Certificate of Release of Federal Tax Lien and I am super happy!!!!! This should make my equity home loan hunt a thousand times easier. My sincerest thank you, thank you, thank you a million times for your fantastic service!!!!!!
– A.B.


I wanted to personally thank you for helping me get my business better organized.  You not only perform annual tax and accounting services for my corporation and me personally, you also provide me ongoing guidance with regard to tax planning and preparation of my financial statements.  Since using your firm, I can see how my business is doing at any given time…this is invaluable.


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