IRS Offer In Compromise – What You Need To Know

IRS Offer in Compromise: find out if you qualify before submitting your offer! Every taxpayer in trouble seems to want to settle for pennies on the dollar which involves doing an Offer in Compromise (OIC), but very few understand what an IRS Offer in Compromise entails. In many instances, an Offer in Compromise is not the best option, even if you qualify. To make sure that you are making the right tax resolution decision, we will detail for you the benefits and challenges of an IRS Offer in Compromise. Our goal is to help you move forward with [...]

Insight Into An IRS Collection Due Process (CDP) Appeal

Do you know the benefits of the IRS Collection Due Process (CDP) appeals program? The Internal Revenue Service offers various levels of appeal to taxpayers with respect to delinquent tax debts owed to the federal government. If an enforcement action is taken by the IRS to collect a delinquent tax debt, taxpayers have the right to exercise a set of appeal rights. IRS Collection Due Process (CDP) IRS Collection Due Process = Justice The Tax Resolution Institute wants potential clients to know they have the right to try to appeal IRS enforcement actions like tax liens, tax levies, and [...]

Are You Scared Of The IRS Coming After You Because Of Your Income Tax Debt?

Income tax debt can be like a ghost haunting you in the dark of night. Questions float in and out of your consciousness as you worry whether or not the IRS will come after you because of your income tax debt. The Tax Resolution Institute understands your fears, and we actually want to help you find the income tax debt relief your desire. Haunted By Income Tax Debt Haunted by Income Tax Debt Do worries about your income tax debt keep you up late at night, making you feel like the ghost of Jacob Marley in Scrooge? If [...]

Mortgage Broker Owes $1,000,000 in Back Taxes! She’s Currently Not Collectible

Brian: Peter, can you identify maybe a couple of folks out there who might be listening, what their situation might be, those who might be in need of your services? Peter Stephan: I can, Brian, but let me remind you that although we like to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if you're calling outside of business hours, sometimes we take a Sunday off during tax season. Brian: Yeah, that's right folks, as we get closer to April 15th maybe we'll get somebody in there on a Sunday afternoon, or heck, I'll go sit there through the night. [...]