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Who Do You Pay and How Do You Do It?

The ins-and-outs of employees vs outside contractors Employee vs Independent Contractor – Overview If you run a business and get support from workers other than yourself, you have probably asked yourself the question "should I pay these people as employees or as outside contractors?" In order to convince yourself that you made the correct decision, maybe you thought that since you only use one person or just pay for part-time help that you qualify to pay your workers as independent contractors.  To save money and hassle, some people lean toward the latter and learn they made the wrong decision the [...]

The Taxpayer Bill of Rights Can Help You

Did you know that there is a Taxpayer Bill of Rights that is designed to protect you from being taken advantage of by the Internal Revenue Service? After receiving a detailed proposal from National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson, the IRS adopted an official Taxpayer Bill of Rights. It was a long time in coming. Moreover, do you realize that the Taxpayer Bill of Rights applies to all taxpayers in their dealings with the IRS? Grouping the existing tenets of the tax code into ten fundamental rights, the Taxpayer Bill of Rights does a good job in making an overly complex, [...]

CA State Board of Equalization is NO MORE!

By any other name the Taxman! Well, you'll still owe taxes but it will now be to a different agency with a new name! What was formerly known as the "CA State Board of Equalization" (SBOE) will now be called the "CA Department of Tax and Fee Administration" (CADTFA). Better, huh? This restructure is a result of Assembly Bill 102, The Taxpayer Transparency and Fairness Act of 2017, which was recently enacted into law. The intent of this bill was the dismantling what was considered a troubled tax agency by some. Here's what the San Jose Mercury News [...]

“Taxpayer” Beware…IRS Provides a List of the “Dirty Dozen” Tax Scams

Do NOT get caught up in the Dirty Dozen! Questions? Call (818) 704-1443 When you have a tax problem, be it large or small, your natural inclination is to wish for a "miracle cure".  You either want to salve the ache of anxiety or find the "silver bullet" solution that makes it all go away.  We at the Tax Resolution Institute understand how you feel, but know that the problem must be solved and know, in most cases the solutions take work.   We have an approach that works by allowing the taxpayer a invest a minimum amount [...]

Taxing Billionaires is a Loser’s Game

Current tax policy isn't working. The U.S. federal deficit is approaching $20 Trillion.  Note that we said Trillion with a ‘T’ (click here to see the “up to the second” debt clock). The deficit didn't happen overnight, and suffice it to say, it won't get solved overnight.  When you look at the numbers the current populist are calling on "tax billionaires", aka the "Buffet Alternative Tax" to solve this problem, things just don't add up. Here is a rundown of the sobering truth: A quote from the Wall Street Journal from Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2011 states "(Donald Trump) [...]

IRS Offers in Compromise

IRS Offers in Compromise Tax Resolution expert Peter Y. Stephan of the Tax Resolution Institute talking about how IRS Offers in Compromise can help taxpayers who don't have the ability to pay their back taxes. You probably see TV commercials in the middle of the night from Tax Resolution companies talking to you about pennies on the dollar. Well, what they're talking about are Offers in Compromise. And yes, they are doable in certain circumstances. I've been doing this work for over 25 years and I can tell you that 90% of the offers we send from [...]

Are You Ready To Take Advantage Of The Easier IRS Offer In Compromise Program?

Easier IRS Offer In Compromise Program Help Although the IRS offer in compromise program has been around for decades, it has not functioned as it was originally designed. The original design was to resolve delinquent income tax debts by providing taxpayers with a way to make a reasonable offer to the federal government in the form of the IRS. The goal was that such an offer would be beneficial for both taxpayers and the federal government. However, the high bar of financial regulations that began with the program and ultimately prevented it from working. Today, however, it is [...]

Payroll Services Owner Pleads Guilty In Criminal Payroll Tax Case In Los Angeles Federal Court

A conviction in a Southern California payroll tax case shows how serious the IRS is when it comes to paying payroll tax liabilities. After an investigation by the Los Angeles Field Office of the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS, the owner of a Riverside-based payroll service pleaded guilty in the payroll tax case on January 5 to failure to pay federal payroll taxes intended for the Internal Revenue Service. As the co-owner and operator of Paycare, Scott Willsea embezzled from a federally funded program. Willsea entered a guilty plea in federal court after making a plea agreement with prosecutors. [...]

Three Tax Tips For Small Business Owners To Help Avoid Employment Tax Problems

Why are so many small business owners suffering from employment tax problems and payroll tax issues? The Tax Resolution Institute want to help by providing three tax tips to help small business owners with business tax questions and employment tax problems. After all, the Tax Resolution Institute has a long history of helping business owners with payroll tax issues and trust fund recovery difficulties find the tax relief they so desperately need. Employment Tax Problems Avoided Facing Employment Tax Problems Although these three tax tips are not the answer if you have serious payroll tax issues, they will [...]

Sherman Oaks Tax Resolution Services For San Fernando Valley Locksmith With FTB Wage Garnishment

When a San Fernando Valley locksmith needed Sherman Oaks tax resolution services, he contacted the Tax Resolution Institute for help. Hit hard when his wages were levied by the California Franchise Tax Board, the successful locksmith needed help with the FTB wage garnishment. A major problem is the California Franchise Tax Board is less willing to negotiate than even the IRS. Without the support of a tax resolution professional and quality Sherman Oaks tax resolution services, the locksmith found himself locked out and in serious financial trouble. Accessing Sherman Oaks Tax Resolution Services Sherman Oaks Tax Resolution Services With over [...]