Owe back taxes or have unfiled returns?

If you owe back taxes or have unfiled returns, the Tax Resolution Institute can help you find quick, legitimate and effective tax relief.

After receiving a no-cost personalized consultation in which we discuss the challenges at hand, we proceed by filing your Federal and State income taxes if necessary and resolving any matter you may have including unpaid tax liability.

We specialize in negotiating settlements with the IRS and States with regard to taxes, penalties assessed and interest owed.

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Over 25 Years of Tax Resolution Experience

Our IRS tax attorneys and CPA’s are the premier Tax Resolution Specialists in all 50 states.

Only IRS Tax attorneys and CPA’s manage your case

At the Tax Resolution Institute, all cases are managed by tax attorneys and CPA’s. There are no “associates” managing your case.

Personalized No-Stress Consultation

Rest assured knowing that we will answer your questions and design a custom plan unique to your tax situation. We will not take your case unless we know we can help.

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IRS CE_Logo_v5We have been qualified by the IRS to train CPA’s, EA’s, and Attorneys how to practice Tax Resolution.

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