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Tax Resolution Services We Provide

Solving Income Tax Issues

Tax Resolution is in the practice of resolving complex tax and tax collection issues, whether these issues are business related or personal.

  • Substantially reduce your debt with an Offer in Compromise (OIC).
  • Wipe out penalties with a Penalty Abatement.
  • Reduce debt by submitting or amending previous years’ tax returns.
  • Stop all IRS collection with Placement into Currently Not Collectible status (CNC).
  • Discharge your past due taxes in bankruptcy.
  • Stop aggressive collection efforts with Installment Agreements you can live with.

Solving Payroll Tax Issues

Negotiating with the IRS on delinquent payroll taxes is very different to negotiating on past due income taxes.  When going after payroll taxes, the IRS usually moves much faster and a lot more aggressively putting the solvency of your business at risk.  If you are not current on your payroll tax returns or payments contact us immediately at 800-401-5926 to see how we can help you.

Unlike income taxes, payroll taxes are non-dischargeable in bankruptcy. There are four parts to delinquent payroll taxes:

  • Trust fund portion (“Responsible Persons” are liable for this portion)
  • Non trust fund portion
  • Interest (compounded daily)
  • Penalties

Typical payroll tax issue Resolutions include:

  • Entering into an Installment Agreement.
  • Preparing Partial Pay Installment Agreement (“PPIA”).
  • Preparing an in-business Offer in Compromise (“OIC”).
  • Selling the business with complete knowledge of the IRS for liquidation value then submitting an Offer in Compromise on behalf of the Responsible Person/s.
  • Preparing delinquent payroll tax returns

In addition to utilizing the options listed above, we review each case independently to determine if other options make more sense. For instance, in many cases, just filing tax returns, delinquent or otherwise either removes or greatly lowers a given tax liability. By doing this we reduce our fees and save our clients large amount in tax savings.

The Tax Resolution Institute Difference

  • No-Stress Consultation – you can rest assured knowing that our knowledgeable representatives will answer your questions and let you know if your case warrants retaining our services. If it does not make sense to get us involved, we will provide guidelines to assist you nonetheless.
  • Each Tax Resolution Institute Office is backed by a Full-Service Tax and Accounting Firm – many tax resolution firms only perform work relating to the IRS. This does not make sense in most cases because when a Federal tax problem exists, a State tax problem usually “lies around the corner”. Our Client’s know they are in good hands with a Full-Service company that can not only provide Tax Resolution Services, but is also able to complete all other Tax and Accounting Services as well.
  • Only Tax Attorneys and CPAs will manage your case – at the Tax Resolution Institute cases are assigned to an Attorney or CPA. There are no “associates” managing your case.
  • Our Zero Complaints record speaks for itself
  • Our Unconditional Guarantee – We will resolve your tax problem as promised or we will refund your fee.
  • We wrote the textbook on Tax Resolution – in addition to teaching tax resolution to fellow CPA’s, Attorneys and Enrolled Agents, our Founder and Managing Partner Peter Stephan wrote The Ultimate Guide To Tax Resolution; a textbook that is the “Bible” for anyone practicing tax resolution.
  • Over 25 years of Tax Resolution experience – we are the premier Tax Resolution Specialists.