An IRS paycheck levy is just devastating. When you examine the IRS wage garnishment withholding chart below that is given to employers, you will see the ugly truth. When you hear about a recent IRS paycheck levy case, you will understand the extremity of the situation.  When the IRS gets its hands on your paycheck or garnishes the wages of your clients, how much can they take? The simply and most direct answer is almost everything.

IRS Wage Garnishment Withholding Chart

Below is the actual IRS wage garnishment withholding chart that is sent to both employers and employees once an IRS paycheck levy has been issued by a Revenue Officer. Yes, it is a bit hard to see so if you click on the picture you can make the image larger. Frightening, huh? No matter what you call this form of IRS levy, the consequences are nothing less than devastating.


IRS Wage Garnishment Withholding Chart, irs paycheck levy

IRS Paycheck Levy Defined By IRS Wage Garnishment Withholding Chart


An IRS wage garnishment (also called an IRS wage levy, wage attachment or income execution) is when an employer is required to withhold the earnings of a taxpayer for the payment of a tax debt in accordance with the issuing of an IRS paycheck levy. IRS tax levies take into consideration the employee’s tax withholding status and allows a certain amount of income to be exempt from the levy, with the remaining amount to be remitted to the IRS. All wages, salary, bonuses, and commissions are considered income.

With a recent client making a good living, the IRS issued a wage garnishment that crippled him financially. Yes, he was making a lot of money, but he had two kids in private schools, one in college, several car payments and a huge mortgage. Maybe he had been living beyond his means, but when the IRS drained over $8000 a month from his paycheck after taxes, he could not believe it. He was smashed by the IRS paycheck levy and forced to borrow money left and right, going further into debt.

IRS Paycheck Levy = Damage

If you are facing an IRS paycheck levy, check out the IRS wage garnishment withholding chart again. You can see how seriously you will be hurt. This is not to mention the damage done with your employer and to your reputation. If you need help with a delinquent IRS tax debt in order to avoid an IRS paycheck levy, please contact the Tax Resolution Institute for help today by calling (818) 704-1443 for a free consultation. Don’t let the IRS levy your wages and take practically everything from you!