Okay, it’s true that making a comparison of unfiled tax returns and back income taxes owed with lightning and thunder is a little absurd, but you have to admit that it also makes a powerful point. Whenever you see lightning strike in the midst of a violent storm, the boom of the thunder is quick to follow. The faster the boom, the closer the heart of the storm, thus the more you need to protect yourself. Now make the comparison with lightning being your unfiled tax returns looming, the thunder being the back income taxes owed to the Internal Revenue Service, and the overall storm being the frightening gaze of IRS Revenue Officers coming after you and your finances. Huh? Suddenly the comparison doesn’t seem so crazy after all.

Unfiled Tax Returns And Back Income Taxes Owed

back income taxes owed, unfiled tax returns

Unfiled Tax Returns & Back Income Taxes Owed

From over a quarter century of experience helping taxpayers with IRS income tax problems and delinquent tax debt challenges, the Tax Resolution Institute knows that unfiled tax returns and back income taxes owed go hand-in-hand like lightning and thunder. You see lightning before you hear the thunder because light travels faster than sound. The light from the lightning travels to your eyes much quicker than the sound from the lightning. The unfiled tax returns that are piling up, year after year, once they are recognized by the IRS computers and Revenue Officers, once the back income taxes owed are calculated, the thunder crashes all around you.

Your location has been highlighted by the lightning of failing to pay your federal income tax debts. But unfiled tax returns is no way of avoiding the gaze of the IRS if your employers have been filing W-2’s As the IRS clearly explains on their website, “At the end of the year, the employer must complete Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement to report wages, tips and other compensation paid to an employee. File Copy A of all paper Forms W-2 with Form W-3, Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements, to the Social Security Administration (SSA).”

The IRS Discovers Holes Left By Unfiled Tax Returns

Through the Social Security Administration, the IRS learns who is responsible for paying income taxes and they check these forms against the income tax filings. If you have unfiled tax returns, sooner or later, the IRS is going to figure out that you have chosen not to pay your federal income taxes, and they will come after you for back income taxes owed. Once the lightning illuminates the landscape of your choice to evade paying and even filing your tax returns, the thunder of the back income taxes owed will announce how close the heart of the storm is to your door.

In this frightening case, the heart of the storm are IRS Revenue Officers coming after your financial resources, your paychecks and your property with the extensive powers provided by the Internal Revenue Service. As the largest collection agency in the free world, the powers of the IRS are extensive and downright scary. There may be no debtor’s prison in America, but the IRS will financially cripple you.

Darken The Lightning & Quiet The Thunder

The Tax Resolution Institute can help you darken the lightning of unfiled tax returns and quiet the thunder of back income taxes owed. By giving you access to the very best in tax resolution services available, the tax resolution specialists, the tax attorneys and the CPAs at TRI can offer sensible outcomes that can ultimately protect you from the greatest financial storm of your life. If the metaphorical comparison to lightning and thunder seems far-fetched to you, then you have no idea how extreme it can be to experience a wage garnishment or an asset seizure. The collection tactics by the IRS are like a financial storm from which very few taxpayers can ever truly escape.

As a direct result, beyond the traditional accounting firm that stands behind the Tax Resolution Institute, this is why the tax attorneys and CPAs at TRI specialize in providing tax resolution services. We know we have the experience and the expertise to rescue you from the storm. If you need help with unfiled tax returns and back income taxes owed, please contact the Tax Resolution Institute for a free consultation. Get out of the storm and avoid the lightning and the thunder by calling (818) 704-1443 today.