Get your tax appointment with the IRS now!

Get your tax appointment with the IRS now!

Like most businesses and unlike most governmental agencies, the IRS is making an effort to become more efficient. Part of that push includes moving documents and services online. If you are unable to resolve your matter online and need to see a live person, the Taxpayer Assistance Center will now see you by appointment.

Here are the steps to schedule your appointment:

  1. Go to the Taxpayer Assistance Center locator page here:
  2. Type in your Zip code
  3. Choose the radius in which you are willing to travel, eg. “10 miles”
  4. Identify the the location nearest you
  5. Click on the link in the resulting location that is nearest to you
  6. Call the provided phone number to schedule your appointment
  7. Be sure to have your Tax ID, Social Security and photo ID when you arrive

Here is a handful of useful links to some of the most requested items:

  1. The IRS Interactive Tax Assistant is an excellent resource to get answers to commonly-asked questions.
  2. Other self-service options easily found on include refunds, transcripts and tax payments.
  3. Taxpayers who visit IRS offices to make routine tax payments should consider online payment alternatives. They can pay online, by phone or via a mobile device and get instant confirmation their payment has been sent.

If you were not diligent in filing and paying your taxes, will a visit to the Taxpayer Assistance Center be in your future? Maybe so! Don’t forget to set your appointment!

*While we always strive for up-to-date, accurate articles this piece should not be considered tax advice and is provided for your information only. We recommend that you contact a qualified tax professional before doing anything regarding your taxes.