Do you feel that IRS tax levy looming in your future? It is not a pleasant feeling. If you have unfiled tax returns with the IRS, sooner or later tax debt collection actions are going to be taken against you. Unfiled tax returns tend to multiple like rats in the sewers. When you failed to file last year or the year before, it becomes harder to face the prospect of filing this year.

Beware An IRS Tax Levy Looming

irs tax levy

Don’t Get Caught In The IRS Crosshairs!

The looming reality of an IRS tax levy is a scary prospect for any taxpayer to be facing. If unfiled tax returns are the trigger, then an IRS tax lien is the sound of the bullet shooting through the air. The financial pain of the bullet hitting you hard is an IRS tax levy in the form of an IRS bank levy draining your accounts. This is when the damage has been done.

Since the Tax Resolution Institute is backed by a traditional accounting firm, our tax resolution specialists have experience in dealing with the IRS across the board. Beyond being experts when it comes to negotiating tax resolution outcomes, we also know how to get your personal tax account up-to-date by filling out those unfiled tax returns and filing them with the IRS.

Unfiled Tax Returns Trigger IRS Tax Levy

If you want to wave a red flag in front of the IRS Revenue Officers and tell them to pay attention to your tax account, unfiled tax returns are the way to go. Your income is reported to the IRS through other forms like a W2 Wage & Tax Statement or a 1099 Miscellaneous Income Filing for Independent Contractors. Unless you are being paid illegally under the table, the IRS knows about your earnings and the IRS Revenue Officers will know that you have filed to file.

Why trigger an IRS tax lien against your accounts? Why let unfiled tax returns lead not only to an IRS tax lien but the gaping wound of an IRS tax levy draining your financial accounts? Once the IRS has you square in their sights, you simply are not fast or clever enough to get away. Sooner or later, they will get you. Very few bank accounts recover from an IRS tax levy.

The Tax Resolution Institute Can Help

If you feel like you have triggered an IRS collection process on account of unfiled tax returns, please contact the Tax Resolution Institute for help. We can get quick access to your past IRS tax account and begin the process of filing the tax returns for past years and this year in well. In addition, if you have been contacted about an IRS tax lien or an IRS tax levy about to take effect on your financial accounts, please call us immediately at (818) 704-1443. Our tax resolution specialists can help.