An IRS representative can thank Howard Stern for making them look extremely foolish after a private phone call with a taxpayer was broadcast on national radio. When you call the IRS to deal with your tax problems, it is an embarrassing moment that you want to keep private. A Massachusetts-based woman called the Internal Revenue Service to discuss her tax bill with an IRS representative and find some financial relief.

IRS Representative Violates Taxpayer

For some reason, the IRS representative was on hold with Howard Stern’s radio show. Why an IRS representative was on hold with Howard Stern while at work remains an ugly mystery to the Tax Resolution Institute. When the radio show took the IRS representative’s call off hold, it apparently wasn’t made clear to the IRS representative, and his private conversation with the woman was broadcast on air.

As the woman continued to talk to the IRS representative, her cell phone started buzzing as she received numerous calls and texts from across the country. Her personal phone number had been broadcast along with part of the conversation, and she was suddenly being plagued by the Howard Stern hoodlums. She asked the IRS rep, “Are you speaking to Howard Stern?”

Howard Stern And The IRS

howard stern, IRS representative

Howard Stern Broadcasting IRS Representative

Howard Stern tried to get the IRS representative’s attention, but co-host Robin Quivers joked, “If he’s working we can’t interrupt him.” The IRS representative did mention taxes during the call with the woman and it sounds like he might have been an IRS Revenue Officer or other IRS representative in the Collections department. While the woman’s name wasn’t broadcast, other personal information was shared over the radio. The Taxpayer rightfully said, “I just feel terribly violated and I feel like I’m in jeopardy that my credit information might be out there and I’m just totally devastated.”

The Howard Stern Show is currently broadcast on satellite radio on Sirius XM. For the first quarter of 2015, Sirius reported 27.74 million subscribers. The woman told a local news outlet that the incident has been nothing less than devastating.

IRS Representative Under Investigation

The IRS representative has been placed on administrative leave. The case is under investigation. In response to news inquiries, the IRS released the following statement:

“We are aware of this troubling situation, and we are currently reviewing the matter. The IRS takes the confidentiality of taxpayer information very seriously, and we have high standards that we expect and require employees to follow…When situations arise, we take quick action and work with Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.”

The Tax Resolution Institute is outraged by how the IRS representative violated this woman’s privacy. If you are taking the steps to resolve a delinquent tax debt, you should be treated with a modicum of respect. If you need help and don’t want to take the chance of directly dealing with the IRS, contact the Tax Resolution Institute for help by calling (818) 704-1443.