The Tax Resolution Institute is always proud when we are able to help a client. In the past week, we negotiated a Partial Pay Installment Agreement for a client that proved truly successful. An Installment Agreement is an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) program that allows individuals to pay tax debt in monthly payments. The total amount paid can be the full amount of what is owed, or it can be a partial amount. The goal of a Partial Pay Installment Agreement is to reduce a tax debt by having the statute of limitations run out before the entire tax debt is covered by the Installment Agreement payments.

Partial Pay Installment Agreement

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Partial Pay Installment Agreement

The Tax Resolution Institute  helped a real estate broker who owed over $135,000 successfully resolve his individual IRS tax debt with a Partial Pay Installment Agreement. Through the use of a formalized Partial Payment Installment Agreement, the Tax Resolution Institute will save the client over $100,000 over the life of the collection statute. The negotiated IRS agreement provide the client with a $100 monthly payment that is a workable monthly payment for him while reducing the overall debt.

The IRS Installment Agreement was negotiated at a manageable amount per month that will save the client a considerable amount of money. Such a Partial Pay Installment Agreement demonstrates how the Tax Resolution Institute consistently help our clients. Our ongoing goal is to provide you with a tax resolution outcome that works for you while settling your back tax problem with the Internal Revenue Service or state taxing agency.

Settle Your Back Tax Problem

A Partial Pay Installment Agreement is a great way to settle your back tax problem. Peter Stephan and the Tax Resolution Institute have over a quarter of a century of experience and accumulated expertise when it comes to providing successful tax resolution outcomes to our clients. If you need back tax debt relief, please call (818) 704-1443 today to access the help you need.