IRS debt is nothing to joke about. It’s hard to face the burden of IRS debt with delinquent income taxes owed. As the interest and penalties pile up, a taxpayer can get caught in a bind of fear and stagnation. The problem is that when it comes to an IRS debt, the longer you wait, the worse the problem gets.

IRS Debt Is A Serious Problem

If you feel overwhelmed by IRS debt, you do not have to face the problem on your own. The Tax Resolution Institute understands how overwhelming it can be to owe delinquent income taxes to the IRS, and we have helped countless taxpayers find IRS debt relief with our tax resolution services. Even if you do not ultimately need or cannot afford our tax resolution services, we provide an easy Do-It-Yourself guide to help you with the process of accessing tax relief.

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Access IRS Debt Freedom

If you have IRS tax debt and you are scared of IRS Revenue Officers coming after you, it is time to take a deep breath and see your situation clearly. First, even if it’s the biggest collection agency in the world, the Internal Revenue Service has rules and guidelines that protect the American taxpayer. Second, before a tax collection action is taken, you will be contacted by the IRS through the mail. Always make sure a contact from the IRS is an official contact.

IRS Debt ≠Debtor’s Prison

Most importantly, IRS debt does not mean you are going to prison. You might have your wages garnished and a tax lien placed against you, your bank account could be levied and some assets potentially seized, but you will not be imprisoned if you have not committed a criminal act of tax evasion. We are not living in 19th century England, and there is no debtor’s prison. That is something that’s good to know.

Still, the IRS debt collection actions available to IRS Revenue Officers are scary. You do not want to have a tax lien placed against you or your wages garnished. You certainly do not want to have your bank account levied or personal assets seized. As a result, you need to stop being stuck and take the right action to access the help you need.

Tax Resolution Services For IRS Debt

If you want relief from the burden of IRS debt, please contact the Tax Resolution Institute for help. Take the first step and pick up your phone and call (818) 704-1443 for a free consultation today.