When it comes to an Internal Revenue Service bank levy help, the Tax Resolution Institute believes in pulling no punches. If you have received a Notice of Intent to Levy from the IRS, the mechanism of an Internal Revenue Service bank levy is already in operation. Although your bank account will be immediately frozen, there are still steps you can take to access Internal Revenue Service bank levy help. But you do not have time to wait. You only have 21 days to act once the bank levy is enacted before your bank will send your funds to the IRS to cover a delinquent income tax debt.

Internal Revenue Service Bank Levy Help

With only 21 days to act, you do not have time to sit on your hands and procrastinate. You do not have time to indulge yourself with wishful thinking and the false hope that this ugly reality will just go away. The IRS is the largest collection agency in the world, and they do not go back on tax collection actions once they have been taken. The IRS does not waver and it does not blink. When you have received a Notice of Intent to Levy, you need immediate Internal Revenue Service bank levy help.

internal revenue service bank levy help

Internal Revenue Service Bank Levy Help

What does Internal Revenue Service bank levy help mean? It means that you make the smart choice and contact a respected tax professional like the tax resolution specialists at the Tax Resolution Institute. It means you pick up the phone and access a free consultation to see if you can be helped. After all, doesn’t an installment agreement or an offer in compromise make more sense for you than the idea of the IRS levying your bank account. Is there really that much difference between having your bank account pillaged by pirates and having it levied by an IRS Revenue Officer. Maybe the Revenue Officer has a better claim and legal justification, but the result is the same when  it comes to the money left in your pocket.

 Access Internal Revenue Service Bank Levy Help

The goal of the Tax Resolution Institute is to help you access Internal Revenue Service bank levy help. With a proven history of helping our clients with IRS tax collection problems, TRI knows how to get the job done. In this article designed to raise the alarm, we are indeed waving flags and trying to catch your attention. Rather than overwhelm or confuse you with technical details, we are trying to motivate you to take action.

After all, the ultimate purpose of such action is to protect the financial security and safety of you and your family. The Tax Resolution Institute never points fingers at our clients. It really isn’t our business why you ended up in trouble with the IRS. Most of our clients need Internal Revenue Service bank levy help because they got caught in a financial jam or were hit hard by the recent recession. Most of them chose not to pay their tax bills in order to pay for school tuition or cover mortgages or other primary expenses. The question is not what happened but what is going to happen now.

Helping You With An IRS Bank Levy

The only point is helping you get out from under the frightening prospect of an IRS bank levy pillaging your bank account. We cannot provide such help, however, unless you are willing to take the first step. Please call 800.401.5926 for a free consultation so the Tax Resolution Institute can provide you with the Internal Revenue Service bank levy help that you truly need.