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If you live in Illinois and are having problems with the Illinois Department of Revenue because of delinquent personal income taxes or unpaid business payroll taxes, contact us. Although the state overflows with profitable energy ventures, including nuclear power plants, and a huge coal industry, Illinois also is subject to harsh tax laws. The state income tax of Illinois is calculated by multiplying net income by a flat rate. In 1990, that rate was set at 3%, but in 2010, the General Assembly voted in a temporary increase in the rate to 5%. The increased Illinois tax rate went into effect in 2011.

The new vigilance of both the Internal Revenue Service and the Illinois Department of Revenue is hurting business owners across the state. The Tax Resolution Institute understands how you could find yourself in a sudden payroll tax jam. With major customers going bankrupt, growing payrolls combined with reduced profits, and independent contractor reclassifications, it is no surprise that you might have “borrowed” from the payroll tax trust fund to cover expenses. Suddenly a minor blip in your Illinois business is threatening your financial future and might close the doors of your company. Contact the Tax Resolution Institute for a free consultation before it is too late.

Like the entire country, both the citizens and the businesses of Illinois have suffered in the recent recession. Although the unemployment rate has fallen from a high of 11.5%, it remained high at a rate of 9.9% at the end of 2011. With the downturn in the Illinois economy, the Illinois Department of Revenue is going after back taxes owed with a renewed focus. The state of Illinois can even ask the Internal Revenue Service to send your federal income tax refund directly to the state. If you have IRS tax problems or state tax problems with the Illinois Department of Revenue that affect either your federal income taxes or your company’s payroll taxes, please contact us.

With many individuals and businesses facing financial difficulties, we have extensive experience working with the Illinois Department of Revenue, and they are willing to work with taxpayers who owe back taxes. According to recent data, the Illinois Department of Revenue rejected over two-thirds of the Offers in Compromise that are submitted during the average year. This is exactly why you need the experience and expertise of a tax professional in your corner.

The Illinois Department of Revenue has a personal assessment for payroll taxes, and if you are deemed responsible for the payroll tax deposits, you will be held personally liable for the unpaid taxes, interest, and penalties. The Tax Resolution Institute can help achieve a balance between the Illinois Department of Revenue’s focused enforcement of the tax laws with the economic realities and hardships facing Illinois businesses. Our goal is to resolve your tax debt and keep your doors open and your business financially viable.

If you are doing business in Illinois and you find yourself in a tax debt crisis, we can help you find tax relief. We can help subordinate a state Tax levy, release a state Tax lien, and negotiate a successful Installment Plan with the Illinois Department of Revenue. With the IRS, we have extensive experience achieving successful tax resolution outcomes for our clients. We have the expertise and excellent tax resolution services you need.

The professional CPAs and Tax Attorneys of the Tax Resolution Institute are experts at handling Illinois state tax problems and providing relief for IRS tax debts. We have the tax expertise and experience to provide effective Illinois tax resolution for you today. You can be free of your tax burden and discover the tax relief that you want and you deserve.

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