IRS Offers in Compromise

IRS Offers in Compromise Tax Resolution expert Peter Y. Stephan of the Tax Resolution Institute talking about how IRS Offers in Compromise can help taxpayers who don't have the ability to pay their back taxes. You probably see TV commercials in the middle of the night from Tax Resolution companies talking to you about pennies on the dollar. Well, what they're talking about are Offers in Compromise. And yes, they are doable in certain circumstances. I've been doing this work for over 25 years and I can tell you that 90% of the offers we send from [...]

IRS Installment Agreements

Peter Y. Stephan, Director of the Tax Resolution Institute speaks on IRS Installment Agreements: I'm here today to talk to you about IRS Installment Agreements. In order to solve your IRS tax collection issue, there are all kinds of ways. One is to pay over a period of time. Why is that important? Why not settle for less with an Offer in Compromise? Well, the reason is simple. Most people who owe taxes don't qualify for an Offer in Compromise for one reason or another. The best option is to negotiate a Partial Pay installment agreement or a currently [...]

Did the IRS File a Tax Lien?…You Need Help

Do you know about the danger of IRS tax liens and the tax collection actions that can come as a result? As income tax filing season rapidly approaches and you are asking yourself whether or not you are going to pay what you owe to the IRS, the Tax Resolution Institute believes you should know about this looming danger. If you have a delinquent income tax debt and you have ignored notices from the IRS, an IRS Revenue Officer will file a tax lien to protect the government’s interest on the amount of taxes being owed. […]

Hit With A $2.8 Million IRS Wage Garnishment, Georgia Mayor Rufus Davis Needs Tax Resolution Help

Facing a $2.8 million IRS wage garnishment, it seems the Mayor of Camilla, Georgia needs some serious tax resolution help. The IRS says that Mayor Rufus Davis owes millions of dollars in back taxes and penalties from 2006 to 2009. If mayors are being hit hard by the IRS, they surely are going to go after the average citizen even harder. The lesson to learn here is that anyone who owes back income taxes can be targeted and forced to pay if they owe the IRS. The last thing you want delivered to your employer is an IRS wage garnishment. [...]

IRS Wage Garnishment Withholding Chart Plus IRS Paycheck Levy Reveals IRS Can Take Almost Everything

An IRS paycheck levy is just devastating. When you examine the IRS wage garnishment withholding chart below that is given to employers, you will see the ugly truth. When you hear about a recent IRS paycheck levy case, you will understand the extremity of the situation.  When the IRS gets its hands on your paycheck or garnishes the wages of your clients, how much can they take? The simply and most direct answer is almost everything. IRS Wage Garnishment Withholding Chart Below is the actual IRS wage garnishment withholding chart that is sent to both employers and employees once an [...]

Sherman Oaks Tax Resolution Services For San Fernando Valley Locksmith With FTB Wage Garnishment

When a San Fernando Valley locksmith needed Sherman Oaks tax resolution services, he contacted the Tax Resolution Institute for help. Hit hard when his wages were levied by the California Franchise Tax Board, the successful locksmith needed help with the FTB wage garnishment. A major problem is the California Franchise Tax Board is less willing to negotiate than even the IRS. Without the support of a tax resolution professional and quality Sherman Oaks tax resolution services, the locksmith found himself locked out and in serious financial trouble. Accessing Sherman Oaks Tax Resolution Services Sherman Oaks Tax Resolution Services With over [...]

No American Taxpayer Should Suffer An IRS Wage Garnishment On Labor Day

On Labor Day, no American taxpayer should suffer an IRS wage garnishment because of financial difficulties they experienced during the recent recession. The nationwide recession hit so many people so hard, resulting in numerous delinquent income tax debts. The idea of Labor Day is a day when American labor is celebrated, not punished for past mistakes. Is there anything worse than an IRS wage garnishment pillaging your paycheck? Luckily, the Tax Resolution Institute can help if you take the first step. Labor Day & IRS Wage Garnishment Wikipedia provides an amazing description of Labor Day as "a celebration of the [...]

California Franchise Tax Board Wage Levy Withhold Chart Or How Much Of My Paycheck Will Really Be Garnished?

The Tax Resolution Institute offers a screen capture of a California Franchise Tax Board wage levy withhold chart in order to answer a common question. When a local taxpayer is threatened with a California Franchise Tax Board wage levy, they tend to contact a tax resolution professional as quickly as possible. When they talk to the Tax Resolution Institute and access the benefits of a free consultation, the first first question they tend to ask is, "How much of my paycheck will be garnished when the California Franchise Tax Board wage levy takes effect?" California Franchise Tax Board Wage Levy Support Although the [...]

Question About A California Franchise Tax Board Wage Garnishment

Question - My boss told me he received notice about a California Franchise Tax Board wage garnishment and in a couple of pay periods my wages will be garnished by the FTB until my back tax debt is covered.  The California Franchise Tax Board wage garnishment is taking a hefty chunk out of my paycheck and I don't know what to do. A lawyer friend recommended that I file for chapter 7 bankruptcy to stop the wage levy, but this seem awfully extreme. What can I do? California Franchise Tax Board Wage Garnishment Question The Tax Resolution Institute receives questions [...]

Los Angeles Taxpayer Learns An IRS Pay Levy Is The Same As An IRS Wage Garnishment

A Los Angeles taxpayer did not now the difference between an IRS pay levy and an IRS wage garnishment. When he was threatened with an IRS wage garnishment, he did not understand that it meant his paycheck would be levied. For many taxpayers, the terminology of IRS tax collection actions can prove to be confusing. Whether you call it an IRS pay levy or an IRS wage garnishment, the ultra-serious financial consequences are the same. IRS Pay Levy = IRS Wage Garnishment IRS Pay Levy Is Serious On the IRS website, there is very little description or use of [...]