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4 Common Mistakes That Small Business Owners Make

The Tax Resolution Institute works with countless business owners helping to resolve their tax problems.  These issues can range from something as simple as failing to file a tax return to being help personally responsible for failing to make the company’s IRS payroll tax deposits.  Most business owners with tax problems understand that these issues come  more than one at a time.  Keep reading to finding out what mistakes many business owners make that lead to tax problems… […]

Did You Know A Corporate Executive Can Be Held Responsible For The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty?

When it comes to the trust fund recovery penalty, the risk of personal liability for unpaid employment taxes has never been greater. In 2014, a district court in the Northern District of California held that the officer of an even now-defunct corporation is personally responsible for the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty based upon the company’s failure to collect, account for, and pay over federal withholding taxes. (See United States v. Guerin, 113 AFTR 2d 2014 N.D. Cal. April 28, 2014). Such a reality could be a potential threat for every corporate executive if they are signing on the bottom line. [...]

Payroll Services Owner Pleads Guilty In Criminal Payroll Tax Case In Los Angeles Federal Court

A conviction in a Southern California payroll tax case shows how serious the IRS is when it comes to paying payroll tax liabilities. After an investigation by the Los Angeles Field Office of the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS, the owner of a Riverside-based payroll service pleaded guilty in the payroll tax case on January 5 to failure to pay federal payroll taxes intended for the Internal Revenue Service. As the co-owner and operator of Paycare, Scott Willsea embezzled from a federally funded program. Willsea entered a guilty plea in federal court after making a plea agreement with prosecutors. [...]

Three Tax Tips For Small Business Owners To Help Avoid Employment Tax Problems

Why are so many small business owners suffering from employment tax problems and payroll tax issues? The Tax Resolution Institute want to help by providing three tax tips to help small business owners with business tax questions and employment tax problems. After all, the Tax Resolution Institute has a long history of helping business owners with payroll tax issues and trust fund recovery difficulties find the tax relief they so desperately need. Employment Tax Problems Avoided Facing Employment Tax Problems Although these three tax tips are not the answer if you have serious payroll tax issues, they will [...]

California Business Owners With Employment Tax Deposits And Payroll Tax Problems Need To Know This

When California business owners fail to make their employment tax deposits, IRS penalties are severe and can be deadly for a business. There is a reason why the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty is known as the 100% penalty. What California Business Owners need to know right away about employment tax deposits is the light that has been lit under IRS Revenue Officers to increase enforcement of the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty. As reported on by the Tax Resolution Institute last week,  a new report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration criticized IRS’s penalty actions against employers who fail to make employment tax deposits [...]

IRS Told To Increase Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Actions So Business Owners Beware

Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Actions Emphasized In no uncertain terms, the IRS has been told to increase Trust Fund Recovery Penalty actions against business owners. A new report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration found that the IRS’s penalty actions against employers who fail to remit payroll taxes are neither timely nor adequate. The IRS has been lax when it comes to assessing the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty. The Tax Resolution Institute believes that this audit was the first step in an unleashing of IRS Revenue Officers against business owners across the country. Enforcement of the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty [...]

Retirement Plan Tax Penalty Update – IRS Form 5500 For Small Business Owners

A Tax Resolution Update on IRS Form 5500 For Small to Mid-Sized Business Owners When it comes to retirement plan updates like IRS Form 5500 filing procedures in specific  and business taxes in general, the IRS has become hardcore in their enforcement procedures. The Tax Resolution Institute understands how challenging compliance issues can be for small business owners. This is why we offer informational updates about new IRS programs and compliance challenges to help. IRS Form 5500 Requirements IRS Form 5500 & Small Business Owners Below is a word-for-word update from the Internal Revenue Service about the new [...]

“Unresolved Tax Issues? Unfiled Returns?” Answers from Peter Stephan and Jim Felton, the Tax Team

Unresolved Tax Issues? Unfiled Returns? Brian Whitman: This is the Tax Show, with Peter Stephan from the Tax Resolution Institute. I'm Brian Whitman here every Sunday afternoon at this time. Peter, question for you: I was talking to somebody recently, and they were dealing with an unresolved tax issue. One of the...I think it's a great question...people move. I mean, people move from state to state. People lose paperwork. People don't have documents. And then you're looking at four years, five years of un-filed returns, and people say, I don't even know where to begin in terms of the paperwork. [...]

“Resolving Delinquent Tax Returns” with Peter Stephan of the Tax Resolution Institute

Resolving Delinquent Tax Returns Brian Whitman: Peter Stephan of the Tax Resolution Institute is here. This is the Tax Show with Peter Stephan. I'm Brian Whitman. Folks, I think we heard something very interesting there. Because, one... I know this from my personal experience with the Tax Resolution Institute. One of the key ingredients in resolving a tax problem is persistence. You and I have talked in the past. I have seen commercials on late-night television. These fly-by-night organizations that say they'll solve your tax problems. These folks aren't in business anymore. They've gone away. They're just not around. You've [...]

“Who is Eligible for an Offer in Compromise?”: Peter Stephan and Jim Felton, The Tax Team Explains

Who is Eligible for an Offer in Compromise? Brian Whitman: That's Jim Felton from Greenberg & Bass, and Peter Stephan here from the Tax Resolution Institute. I'm going to ask what I think is a dumb question. So I'm just going to say that so you don't think I'm dumb. I'm just going to tell you, I think I'm going to ask a dumb question. Everybody is not eligible for an offer in compromise, correct? Jim Felton: That's correct. Brian: Okay, so that's not a dumb question is it? Jim: No, not at all. Not at all. Brian: Okay. Jim: [...]