IRS Installment Agreements

Peter Y. Stephan, Director of the Tax Resolution Institute speaks on IRS Installment Agreements: I'm here today to talk to you about IRS Installment Agreements. In order to solve your IRS tax collection issue, there are all kinds of ways. One is to pay over a period of time. Why is that important? Why not settle for less with an Offer in Compromise? Well, the reason is simple. Most people who owe taxes don't qualify for an Offer in Compromise for one reason or another. The best option is to negotiate a Partial Pay installment agreement or a currently [...]

Did You Know The IRS Can Revoke Your Passport If You Fall Behind On Your Income Taxes?

Since the Internal Revenue Service now can revoke your passport, you may not want to book that European vacation if you have failed to pay your back income tax debts. In the winter of 2015, a Congress issued a "cold front" by potentially freezing the ability of a substantial portion of American citizens to travel abroad when they passed the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act. The act is designed to address our nation’s crumbling infrastructure by raising money from taxpayers; however, revoking passports does not seem like an equitable solution let alone anti-American. The IRS Can Revoke Your Passport [...]

TRI Founder Peter Stephan Offers A Tax Resolution Essentials 200A Seminar & Live Webcast On July 17

On July 17, 2015, Tax Resolution Institute founder Peter Stephan is offering a Tax Resolution Essentials 200A seminar and live webcast for tax professionals, certified public accountants, enrolled agents and attorneys. In addition to teaching tax resolution, TRI's Managing Partner Peter Stephan wrote The Ultimate Guide To Tax Resolution; a textbook that is the “Bible” for anyone practicing tax resolution. If you want to learn tax resolution from the best in the industry, take advantage of this opportunity. More importantly, if you have a serious delinquent tax problem, who else would you want to represent you before the IRS than [...]

National Taxpayer Advocate Report Warns IRS Customer Service This Tax Season Will Be Horrible

Nina E. Olson, the national taxpayer advocate, warned in a report that IRS customer service during the coming tax season would be the worst since 2001. As a tax resolution company backed by a traditional accounting firm, the Tax Resolution Institute wants our clients and potential clients to be aware of what is to come. If you need IRS help, expect long wait times on the phone and slower processing of filings in the coming season. Bad IRS Customer Service In 2015 Federal taxpayers can expect the worst customer services from the Internal Revenue Service in 14 years. Budget cuts, [...]

Peter Y. Stephan Leading Tax Resolution Seminar At Marcum Headquarters In Manhattan On January 16

Peter Y. Stephan on Tax Resolution Peter Y. Stephan of the Tax Resolution Institute is leading a full-day tax resolution training seminar at the Manhattan headquarters of Marcum LLP. Although there are only a few live spots still available at the nearly sold out event, the Full Day Tax Resolution Training  can also be attended through a webcast. By taking part in the full-day training webcast with Peter Y. Stephan, CPA,, accountants and tax professionals will learn how to help their clients when they are in dire straits with the IRS and State Taxing Agencies. Tax professionals will also be able [...]

Peter Stephan And The Tax Resolution Institute Offer Tax Resolution Training For Tax Professionals

As the founder of the Tax Resolution Institute and the author of The Ultimate Guide to Tax Resolution, Peter Stephan is offering tax resolution training for CPAs, attorneys and enrolled agents in Southern California and across the country. With a strong desire to support an industry he believes the American public truly needs, Peter Stephan is tired of seeing industry scandals where late night television con men take advantage of innocent taxpayers. By making sure that tax professionals have access to quality tax resolution training, Peter Stephan is stepping up and helping to turn the tide of public opinion. Tax [...]

National Taxpayer Advocate Highlights New Taxpayer Bill Of Rights To Congress But Tax Resolution Help Needed

In National Taxpayer Advocate Nina E. Olson’s mid-year report to Congress to identify the priority issues the Taxpayer Advocate Service, she emphasizes the importance of taking concrete steps to give meaning to the recently adopted the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. Olson’s report praises the IRS for implementing the Advocate’s longstanding recommendation to adopt a Taxpayer Bill of Rights. The Tax Resolution Institute supports this decision. Taxpayer Bill of Rights Important In The Right Direction But Tax Resolution Help Needed National Taxpayer Advocate Nina E. Olson wrote in a preface to the report, that “this is generally good news. [...]

Peter Stephan to Speak at the Business Growth Workshop at The University Club in Pasadena on July 25, 2014

Peter Stephan at the University Club in Pasadena BUSINESS GROWTH WORKSHOP The Topic - Managing Business Success Through Tax Planning   Peter Stephan on KRLA as The Tax Guru Friday, July 25th, 2014 from 7:30am to 9:30am Breakfast Included   This is FREE EVENT for members of the University Club Non-Members Fee is $25 For reservations please call 626-793-5157 or email the   University Club of Pasadena 175 N. Oakland Avenue Pasadena, CA 91101           About This Workshop In this presentation, Peter Stephan will focus on managing business success through tax planning and minimalization. As companies grow [...]

IRS Tax Liens And Tax Levies Temporarily Halted During Government Shutdown

Yes, it is true that tax liens and tax levies have been halted by the IRS during the federal government shutdown. Such a temporary abatement of IRS activity only means that you have a brief chance to take a breath before the Internal Revenue Service returns with a renewed sense of purpose. Given how much money has been lost by the federal government during the shutdown, the IRS most likely will be issuing tax liens and tax levies with a real vigor afterwards. IRS Tax Liens And Tax Levies On Hold Tax Liens And Tax Levies Halted On [...]

Tax Resolution in Our Current Economy – LIVE event today in Pasadena, CA

Earn CPE credits and EXPAND your CPA practice with Tax Resolution expertise from Peter Y. Stephan of the Tax Resolution Institute. Tax Resolution in Our Current Economy at LA West San Gabriel Valley/Pasadena DG: Date: August 12, 2013 Event Start time: 12:30 PM End time: 1:30 PM Location: Pasadena Instructor(s): Peter Y Stephan, CPA Facility: Beckham Grill Restaurant Get Directions CPE Credits: 1.00 CPE: Continuing Professional Education Technical Register Tax resolution is the practice of resolving one’s tax issues, be they related to business or personal matters at the federal, state, and local levels. Handling tax resolution matters properly [...]