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Did the IRS File a Tax Lien?…You Need Help

Do you know about the danger of IRS tax liens and the tax collection actions that can come as a result? As income tax filing season rapidly approaches and you are asking yourself whether or not you are going to pay what you owe to the IRS, the Tax Resolution Institute believes you should know about this looming danger. If you have a delinquent income tax debt and you have ignored notices from the IRS, an IRS Revenue Officer will file a tax lien to protect the government’s interest on the amount of taxes being owed. […]

IRS Files $70K Federal Tax Lien Against MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry

The Internal Revenue Service has placed a tax lien on MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry and her husband, James Perry, for about $70,000 in delinquent taxes. According to The Winston-Salem Journal,  a notice was filed in Forsyth County Hall of Justice in Georgia on April 6. The Tax Resolution Institute believes that once a Federal Tax Lien is filed against you, the time to take action is now. A Federal Tax Lien Filed Federal tax Lien & IRS Justice For Melissa Harris-Perry A well-known host of an MSNBC talk show and a professor at Wake Forest University, Melissa Harris-Perry is known as [...]

Did You Know You Can Have An IRS Tax Lien Withdrawn?

Can you have an IRS tax lien withdrawn? After all, an IRS tax lien is  is very close to the worst item that can appear on your credit report. Although not traumatic as a personal bankruptcy, but it is still very bad. Tax liens are picked up by and reported to the major credit reporting agencies. Credit scoring algorithms consider tax liens very negative and similar in power to a bankruptcy or a court judgment. As a result, having an IRS tax lien withdrawn is a real necessity. An IRS Tax Lien is Terrible What makes an IRS tax lien [...]

Insight Into An IRS Collection Due Process (CDP) Appeal

Do you know the benefits of the IRS Collection Due Process (CDP) appeals program? The Internal Revenue Service offers various levels of appeal to taxpayers with respect to delinquent tax debts owed to the federal government. If an enforcement action is taken by the IRS to collect a delinquent tax debt, taxpayers have the right to exercise a set of appeal rights. IRS Collection Due Process (CDP) IRS Collection Due Process = Justice The Tax Resolution Institute wants potential clients to know they have the right to try to appeal IRS enforcement actions like tax liens, tax levies, and [...]

IRS Form 12153 And The Process Of Requesting A Collection Due Process Hearing

Do you know about IRS Form 12153 and how it can access a taxpayer in trouble a Collection Due Process Hearing? If you are facing an IRS Bank Levy or an IRS Wage Garnishment, a Collection Due Process Hearing accessed by IRS Form 12153 could be your best bet. The IRS is required to give a taxpayer the notice of its intent to levy and the right to a hearing called a Collection Due Process Hearing in a Notice of Intent to Levy mailing. If you have received a Notice of Intent to Levy, the Tax Resolution Institute can help. [...]

When Should A Taxpayer File An IRS Form 9423 Collection Appeal Request?

Using IRS Form 9423, a Collection Appeal Request (CAP) is filed in response to the IRS enforcing collection actions against a delinquent tax debt or the denial/termination of an installment agreement. Except in specific cases involving asset seizure or installment agreements, the filing of IRS form 9423 Collection Appeal Request leads to a conference with the collections function manager. The Tax Resolution Institute can help ensure that such a conference is successful. IRS Form 9423 Collection Appeal Request Success A Collection Appeal Request The IRS is required to attempt to resolve the issue before deciding on the forwarding of [...]

IRS Form 9423 Collection Appeals Requests for Terminated or Rejected Installment Agreements Bypass Managerial Conference Approval

When it comes to IRS Form 9423 that provides a taxpayer with the ability to make a Collection Appeal Request, the process is different for installment agreement actions than for federal tax liens, bank levies and asset seizures. Unlike with a tax lien, bank levy or asset seizure, the Taxpayer Advocate clarified the streamlining of the procedure for installment agreement actions. When it comes to a collections appeal for a rejected or a terminated installment agreement, a managerial conference is not necessary. IRS Form 9423 Collection Appeals Request IRS Form 9423 & Managerial Conference A managerial conference is a [...]

Are You A Small Company Owner Facing A Federal Business Tax Lien?

Are you small company owner facing a Federal business tax lien? Although IRS tax liens directed at businesses are not called business tax lien, many owners of small companies use the term business tax lien when looking for help? The goal of the Tax Resolution Institute is to provide reliable tax resolution surfaces for small business owners facing Federal tax liens. A Business Tax Lien As An IRS Tax Lien Business Tax Lien A Serious Problem Business owners are required to pay the federal tax debt owed by their companies on or before the due date. If you do not [...]

Receiving IRS Form 668 Y Notice Of Federal Tax Lien Means Big Trouble For You

If you have an IRS Form 668 Y Notice of Federal Tax Lien filed against you, it is time to stop fooling around and take substantive action to protect your financial future. IRS Form 668 Y is not a form that it filled out by a taxpayer or a tax professional, but rather a form that is filled out by IRS Revenue Officers to let the world know that an IRS tax lien has been filed against you. The Tax Resolution Institute has a long history of helping people after an IRS Form 668 Y Notice of Federal Tax Lien [...]

Now That You Know What A Notice Of Federal Tax Lien From The IRS Means, This Is What You Can Do

Part 2 - Options After A Notice Of Federal Tax Lien The Tax Resolution Institute understands how jarring it can be for you or any taxpayer to receive a notice of Federal tax lien from the IRS. Luckily, resources are available to you when it comes to dealing with a Federal tax lien. The Tax Resolution Institute believes that your first course of action should be to contact a tax resolution professional and access the help you ultimately need. Since this sounds a bit like we are just tooting our own horn, let us provide you with some other steps [...]