IRS Tax Levy

Too Busy to File or Pay your Taxes? Make a Tax Appointment with the IRS Once They Find Out!

Get your tax appointment with the IRS now! Like most businesses and unlike most governmental agencies, the IRS is making an effort to become more efficient. Part of that push includes moving documents and services online. If you are unable to resolve your matter online and need to see a live person, the Taxpayer Assistance Center will now see you by appointment. Here are the steps to schedule your appointment: Go to the Taxpayer Assistance Center locator page here: Type in your Zip code Choose the radius in which you are willing to travel, eg. "10 miles" [...]

An IRS Tax Levy Looming As Unfiled Tax Returns Can Lead Directly To An IRS Tax Lien And An IRS Bank Levy

Do you feel that IRS tax levy looming in your future? It is not a pleasant feeling. If you have unfiled tax returns with the IRS, sooner or later tax debt collection actions are going to be taken against you. Unfiled tax returns tend to multiple like rats in the sewers. When you failed to file last year or the year before, it becomes harder to face the prospect of filing this year. Beware An IRS Tax Levy Looming Don't Get Caught In The IRS Crosshairs! The looming reality of an IRS tax levy is a scary prospect [...]

Los Angeles IRS Bank Levy Against Film Executive Leads To A Need For Tax Resolution Support

A Los Angeles IRS bank levy issued to a Malibu-based film executive and independent producer led to a real need for tax resolution support. The Malibu-based film executive stopped paying his income taxes in 2012 when he transitioned into the role of an independent producer. Given his past influence as a powerful president of production, he was certain that his movie projects would become profitable productions within the year. Delay Leads To Los Angeles IRS Bank Levy Despite his past success as a film executive, he hit several financial brick walls when it came to getting his own film slate [...]

Insight Into An IRS Collection Due Process (CDP) Appeal

Do you know the benefits of the IRS Collection Due Process (CDP) appeals program? The Internal Revenue Service offers various levels of appeal to taxpayers with respect to delinquent tax debts owed to the federal government. If an enforcement action is taken by the IRS to collect a delinquent tax debt, taxpayers have the right to exercise a set of appeal rights. IRS Collection Due Process (CDP) IRS Collection Due Process = Justice The Tax Resolution Institute wants potential clients to know they have the right to try to appeal IRS enforcement actions like tax liens, tax levies, and [...]

IRS Wage Garnishment Withholding Chart Plus IRS Paycheck Levy Reveals IRS Can Take Almost Everything

An IRS paycheck levy is just devastating. When you examine the IRS wage garnishment withholding chart below that is given to employers, you will see the ugly truth. When you hear about a recent IRS paycheck levy case, you will understand the extremity of the situation.  When the IRS gets its hands on your paycheck or garnishes the wages of your clients, how much can they take? The simply and most direct answer is almost everything. IRS Wage Garnishment Withholding Chart Below is the actual IRS wage garnishment withholding chart that is sent to both employers and employees once an [...]

IRS Form 12153 And The Process Of Requesting A Collection Due Process Hearing

Do you know about IRS Form 12153 and how it can access a taxpayer in trouble a Collection Due Process Hearing? If you are facing an IRS Bank Levy or an IRS Wage Garnishment, a Collection Due Process Hearing accessed by IRS Form 12153 could be your best bet. The IRS is required to give a taxpayer the notice of its intent to levy and the right to a hearing called a Collection Due Process Hearing in a Notice of Intent to Levy mailing. If you have received a Notice of Intent to Levy, the Tax Resolution Institute can help. [...]

IRS Form 9423 Collection Appeals Requests for Terminated or Rejected Installment Agreements Bypass Managerial Conference Approval

When it comes to IRS Form 9423 that provides a taxpayer with the ability to make a Collection Appeal Request, the process is different for installment agreement actions than for federal tax liens, bank levies and asset seizures. Unlike with a tax lien, bank levy or asset seizure, the Taxpayer Advocate clarified the streamlining of the procedure for installment agreement actions. When it comes to a collections appeal for a rejected or a terminated installment agreement, a managerial conference is not necessary. IRS Form 9423 Collection Appeals Request IRS Form 9423 & Managerial Conference A managerial conference is a [...]

IRS Penalty Explanations In Regards To Delinquent Income Tax Debts Can Be Confusing

IRS penalty explanations in regards to delinquent income tax debts can be quite confusing for a non-professional. "Why am I being penalized this much for doing that?" is what the Tax Resolution Institute often hears from a client. In the IRS penalty explanations, the IRS outlines specific filing and/or paying late penalties in IRC Section 6651 of the Internal Revenue Code. By going over these penalties, the Tax Resolution Institute wants to make sure taxpayers understand how extreme the financial risks are for a failure to file a tax return or pay taxes on time. IRS Penalty Explanations The IRS [...]

Los Angeles Taxpayer Learns An IRS Pay Levy Is The Same As An IRS Wage Garnishment

A Los Angeles taxpayer did not now the difference between an IRS pay levy and an IRS wage garnishment. When he was threatened with an IRS wage garnishment, he did not understand that it meant his paycheck would be levied. For many taxpayers, the terminology of IRS tax collection actions can prove to be confusing. Whether you call it an IRS pay levy or an IRS wage garnishment, the ultra-serious financial consequences are the same. IRS Pay Levy = IRS Wage Garnishment IRS Pay Levy Is Serious On the IRS website, there is very little description or use of [...]

With No New IRS Tax Levies During The Holidays, Enjoy Christmas Now But Take Action Before January 2, 2014

Yes, Virginia, Santa Promises No New IRS Tax Levies No IRS Tax Levies This Christmas Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus when it comes to IRS tax levies. From December 22 to January 2, the unofficial policy of the Internal Revenue Service has always been to respect the holidays by not filing any new tax levies. From years of experience, the Tax Resolution Institute wants to guarantee that you and your family will be safe from IRS tax levies during this window of holiday opportunity. What is essential is that you take advantage of this window after [...]