IRS Wage Garnishment Withholding Chart Plus IRS Paycheck Levy Reveals IRS Can Take Almost Everything

An IRS paycheck levy is just devastating. When you examine the IRS wage garnishment withholding chart below that is given to employers, you will see the ugly truth. When you hear about a recent IRS paycheck levy case, you will understand the extremity of the situation.  When the IRS gets its hands on your paycheck or garnishes the wages of your clients, how much can they take? The simply and most direct answer is almost everything. IRS Wage Garnishment Withholding Chart Below is the actual IRS wage garnishment withholding chart that is sent to both employers and employees once an [...]

IRS Form 9423 Collection Appeals Requests for Terminated or Rejected Installment Agreements Bypass Managerial Conference Approval

When it comes to IRS Form 9423 that provides a taxpayer with the ability to make a Collection Appeal Request, the process is different for installment agreement actions than for federal tax liens, bank levies and asset seizures. Unlike with a tax lien, bank levy or asset seizure, the Taxpayer Advocate clarified the streamlining of the procedure for installment agreement actions. When it comes to a collections appeal for a rejected or a terminated installment agreement, a managerial conference is not necessary. IRS Form 9423 Collection Appeals Request IRS Form 9423 & Managerial Conference A managerial conference is a [...]

Why Are Unfiled Tax Returns And Back Income Taxes Owed Like Thunder And Lightning In A Bad Storm?

Okay, it's true that making a comparison of unfiled tax returns and back income taxes owed with lightning and thunder is a little absurd, but you have to admit that it also makes a powerful point. Whenever you see lightning strike in the midst of a violent storm, the boom of the thunder is quick to follow. The faster the boom, the closer the heart of the storm, thus the more you need to protect yourself. Now make the comparison with lightning being your unfiled tax returns looming, the thunder being the back income taxes owed to the Internal Revenue [...]

IRS Consumer Scam Alert About Fake Telephone Calls By Con Artists Issued By Internal Revenue Service

Tired of seeing innocent American taxpayers hurt by con artists, the Internal Revenue Service issued an IRS consumer scam alert at the end of August on the website. The stated goal of the alert is to provide taxpayers with additional tips to protect themselves from telephone con artists. These con artists are calling American taxpayers and pretending to be with the IRS in order to obtain payments and identity theft information. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen Issues IRS Consumer Scam Alert IRS Commissioner John Koskinen described his disgust with this practice that is becoming more and more prevalent: “These telephone [...]

What Should You Do If Your Employer Receives IRS Form 668-W (Notice Of Wage Levy – IRS Wage Garnishment)?

If your work has received an IRS Form 668-W that is directed at you, it means that an IRS wage garnishment, also known as an IRS wage tax levy, has been enacted against you by a Revenue Officer of the Internal Revenue Service. A wage garnishment is a collection action by the IRS to cover a delinquent income tax debt. If you have received a notice from your employer about IRS Form 668-W being filed against you, you need help from a tax professional to deal with the Internal Revenue Service wage levy. IRS Form 668-W Is A Wage Garnishment [...]

California Business Owners With Employment Tax Deposits And Payroll Tax Problems Need To Know This

When California business owners fail to make their employment tax deposits, IRS penalties are severe and can be deadly for a business. There is a reason why the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty is known as the 100% penalty. What California Business Owners need to know right away about employment tax deposits is the light that has been lit under IRS Revenue Officers to increase enforcement of the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty. As reported on by the Tax Resolution Institute last week,  a new report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration criticized IRS’s penalty actions against employers who fail to make employment tax deposits [...]

IRS Told To Increase Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Actions So Business Owners Beware

Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Actions Emphasized In no uncertain terms, the IRS has been told to increase Trust Fund Recovery Penalty actions against business owners. A new report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration found that the IRS’s penalty actions against employers who fail to remit payroll taxes are neither timely nor adequate. The IRS has been lax when it comes to assessing the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty. The Tax Resolution Institute believes that this audit was the first step in an unleashing of IRS Revenue Officers against business owners across the country. Enforcement of the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty [...]

IRS Considerations In Internal Revenue Manual On Accepting Offers In Compromise When A Bankruptcy To Discharge The Income Tax Debts Is Possibility

In the Internal Revenue Manual, there are specific IRS Internal Considerations that IRS employees are supposed to know and follow. This is a TRI Update for anyone considering filing for bankruptcy if there Offer In Compromise is not accepted by the IRS. If you are wondering what considerations the IRS officially takes into account in such a situation, please examine the information below from the Internal Revenue Manual. The Internal Revenue Manual & IRS Consideration IRS Internal Revenue Manual The Internal Revenue Manual (IRM) sets forth the policies, procedures, instructions, guidelines, and delegations of authority which control the [...]

What Is An IRS Revenue Officer And What Collection Actions Can They Take Against Delinquent Taxpayers?

Part 1 – What Is An IRS Revenue Officer? If you are delinquent in paying your IRS income taxes, there is a very good chance that you will be contacted by an Internal Revenue Officer, known as an IRS Revenue Officer of just a Revenue Officer for short. The Tax Resolution Institute wants to help you understand  what is an IRS Revenue Officer and what it is that they do in order to collect delinquent income tax debts. This is part 1 of a two part article. In part 1, we will answer the question of what is an IRS [...]

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