The Potential Consequences of Not Filing Tax Returns (Part 2)

In the first part of the two-part series, the Tax Resolution Institute examined what triggers an IRS investigation, and the first round consequences that come from not filing tax returns.  In the second part, we will look at how not filing a return can become a criminal matter if the IRS believes you willfully chose to not file your income tax returns.  If willful tax evasion is suspected, IRS Criminal Investigation Division (CI) may be called upon.  This is the last thing you want to face if you have not filed a return.  In addition we will look at what [...]

IRS Unfiled Tax Returns & The Penalty For Failure to File (Part 1)

Did you know that not filing IRS tax returns often triggers IRS collection and in extreme cases can lead to criminal investigation?  In the first part of this two-part article, the Tax Resolution Institute will illuminate the process of how the IRS investigates these type of cases.  If you failed to file your tax return, we will show you what happens and the first steps taken by the Internal Revenue Service.  We will also explain why you need to take action by accessing the help of a qualified professional.  In the second part of this article, we will delve deeper [...]

3 Rules You NEED To Follow When Facing An IRS Problem

If you are facing an IRS problem, here are 3 rules that you need to follow in order to achieve a positive tax resolution outcome. Naturally, when you have an IRS problem, working with a tax resolution specialists is always your best option. It never makes sense to go it alone when dealing with the Internal Revenue Service, the biggest collection agency in the world. […]

IRS Income Tax Underpayment Of Over $ 1 Million Submits MMA Pioneer Royce Gracie To IRS Scrutiny

Even if you are a legendary MMA fighter, IRS income tax underpayment is a big mistake. Before his return to the cage in Bellator 149 to face old nemesis Ken Shamrock, UFC Hall of Famer Royce Gracie finds himself in a serious fight with the IRS over his taxes. Di Gracie rightfully claimed a tax credit for the poor or did he commit fraud in order to reduce his tax bill? Did Royce Gracie try to submit the IRS by illegally claiming the Earned Income Credit, a tax subsidy designed for low-income working families? MMA Pioneer Gracie & IRS Income [...]

Private Call Between IRS Representative And Innocent Taxpayer Broadcast On Howard Stern’s Radio Show

An IRS representative can thank Howard Stern for making them look extremely foolish after a private phone call with a taxpayer was broadcast on national radio. When you call the IRS to deal with your tax problems, it is an embarrassing moment that you want to keep private. A Massachusetts-based woman called the Internal Revenue Service to discuss her tax bill with an IRS representative and find some financial relief. IRS Representative Violates Taxpayer For some reason, the IRS representative was on hold with Howard Stern’s radio show. Why an IRS representative was on hold with Howard Stern while at work [...]

3 Reasons Why Hiring The Right Tax Resolution Specialist Makes Sense If You Have Not Filed Your Tax Returns

Hiring a tax resolution specialist makes more and more sense when you see the unopened envelopes from the IRS or your State taxing agency sitting on your desk. Many taxpayers hope if they just ignore the problem that it will go away. As the respected bastion of many a tax resolution specialist, the Tax Resolution Institute wants to guarantee you that your unfiled tax returns and delinquent income tax debts will not just go away. Tax Resolution Specialist Helps You Get Up To Date Tax Resolution Specialist Help In order to access an Installment Agreement or other tax [...]

Nonprofit Organizations With Payroll Tax Debt Need Tax Resolution Support

Payroll Tax Debt Looming When it comes to payroll tax debt, nonprofits are far from exempt. A report issued in 2014 by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration reports that approximately 64,000 or 3.8 percent of all tax exempt organizations owed at least $875 million in unpaid taxes to the federal government. Sixty-nine percent of this debt was in unpaid payroll taxes. As tax resolution specialists with experience helping nonprofits, the Tax Resolution Institute can help. Nonprofits & Payroll Tax Debt This amount is down from that reported by GAO in 2007 when 55,000 nonprofits were reported [...]

The 23 Most Serious IRS Problems According To The National Taxpayer Advocate

If the National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson gives a long list of the most serious IRS problems, the Tax Resolution Institute understands why our clients have tax troubles with the IRS. Given the disarray being faced in 2015 by the Internal Revenue Service in terms of supporting taxpayers with reliable IRS customer service, is it surprising that you are facing tax resolution problems? The Tax Resolution Institute is here to help so please call (818) 704-1443 to access the support of a tax professional. Serious IRS Problems Reported Serious IRS Problems According to the National Taxpayer Advocate’s report [...]

National Taxpayer Advocate Report Warns IRS Customer Service This Tax Season Will Be Horrible

Nina E. Olson, the national taxpayer advocate, warned in a report that IRS customer service during the coming tax season would be the worst since 2001. As a tax resolution company backed by a traditional accounting firm, the Tax Resolution Institute wants our clients and potential clients to be aware of what is to come. If you need IRS help, expect long wait times on the phone and slower processing of filings in the coming season. Bad IRS Customer Service In 2015 Federal taxpayers can expect the worst customer services from the Internal Revenue Service in 14 years. Budget cuts, [...]