IRS Installment Agreements

Peter Y. Stephan, Director of the Tax Resolution Institute speaks on IRS Installment Agreements: I'm here today to talk to you about IRS Installment Agreements. In order to solve your IRS tax collection issue, there are all kinds of ways. One is to pay over a period of time. Why is that important? Why not settle for less with an Offer in Compromise? Well, the reason is simple. Most people who owe taxes don't qualify for an Offer in Compromise for one reason or another. The best option is to negotiate a Partial Pay installment agreement or a currently [...]

An IRS Tax Levy Looming As Unfiled Tax Returns Can Lead Directly To An IRS Tax Lien And An IRS Bank Levy

Do you feel that IRS tax levy looming in your future? It is not a pleasant feeling. If you have unfiled tax returns with the IRS, sooner or later tax debt collection actions are going to be taken against you. Unfiled tax returns tend to multiple like rats in the sewers. When you failed to file last year or the year before, it becomes harder to face the prospect of filing this year. Beware An IRS Tax Levy Looming Don't Get Caught In The IRS Crosshairs! The looming reality of an IRS tax levy is a scary prospect [...]

Los Angeles IRS Bank Levy Against Film Executive Leads To A Need For Tax Resolution Support

A Los Angeles IRS bank levy issued to a Malibu-based film executive and independent producer led to a real need for tax resolution support. The Malibu-based film executive stopped paying his income taxes in 2012 when he transitioned into the role of an independent producer. Given his past influence as a powerful president of production, he was certain that his movie projects would become profitable productions within the year. Delay Leads To Los Angeles IRS Bank Levy Despite his past success as a film executive, he hit several financial brick walls when it came to getting his own film slate [...]

Internal Revenue Service Bank Levy Help Means Take Action Today

When it comes to an Internal Revenue Service bank levy help, the Tax Resolution Institute believes in pulling no punches. If you have received a Notice of Intent to Levy from the IRS, the mechanism of an Internal Revenue Service bank levy is already in operation. Although your bank account will be immediately frozen, there are still steps you can take to access Internal Revenue Service bank levy help. But you do not have time to wait. You only have 21 days to act once the bank levy is enacted before your bank will send your funds to the IRS to cover [...]

IRS Bank Levy Places Los Angeles Entertainment Professional In Danger

An IRS bank levy is serious business, and it can easily threaten your financial future as a Los Angeles entertainment professional found out first-hand. As a producer on reality shows, the business life of the Los Angeles entertainment professional was a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs. When he had a hit show, everything was golden, his bank account was fat and his family went on expensive vacations. When a project wasn't picked up for production and a great notion for a reality show went down the drain, the opposite was the case. But an IRS Bank Levy was an [...]

IRS Form 8519 Notice Of A Bank Levy Means You Have Only 21 Days To Act To Protect Your Money

If you have received IRS Form 8519 from the Internal Revenue Service, you bank account is about to be levied. You only have 21 days to act before the bank sends the funds in your account to the IRS. Once the Revenue Officer has the funds and the action has been taken, it is almost impossible to get your money back. This is why you need to act if you have received IRS Form 8519 Notice of a Bank Levy. You cannot afford to wait. IRS Form 8519 - 21 Days To Act On the IRS Website, after you receive [...]

With No New IRS Tax Levies During The Holidays, Enjoy Christmas Now But Take Action Before January 2, 2014

Yes, Virginia, Santa Promises No New IRS Tax Levies No IRS Tax Levies This Christmas Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus when it comes to IRS tax levies. From December 22 to January 2, the unofficial policy of the Internal Revenue Service has always been to respect the holidays by not filing any new tax levies. From years of experience, the Tax Resolution Institute wants to guarantee that you and your family will be safe from IRS tax levies during this window of holiday opportunity. What is essential is that you take advantage of this window after [...]

What Collection Actions Can IRS Revenue Officers Take Against Delinquent Taxpayers?

Part 2 - How Do IRS Revenue Officers Collect Tax Debts? The Strong Arm of IRS Revenue Officers In part 1 of this two-part series, the Tax Resolution Institute provided an understanding of IRS revenue officers and an explanation of  their role as tax collectors. In part 2, the collection actions that IRS revenue officers can take against taxpayers with delinquent IRS income tax debts will be explored in short descriptions of each action. It is important to understand that you do not want such collection actions taken against you. If you have a delinquent IRS income tax [...]

IRS Bank Levy Release Helps The Family Of A Contractor In The San Fernando Valley

If a family is struggling and money is tight, an IRS bank levy release can mean the difference between survival and catastrophe. When a contractor with a family of four in the San Fernando Valley found himself caught in the vise of delinquent tax debts, he knew he needed the right help to remove a bank levy and resolve his tax matters. Since the bills had been piling up for a while, the contractor had thrown the IRS notices in the growing pile. What is essential to realize is that ignoring IRS mailed notices is a real mistake. The Tax [...]