IRS Income Tax Underpayment Of Over $ 1 Million Submits MMA Pioneer Royce Gracie To IRS Scrutiny

Even if you are a legendary MMA fighter, IRS income tax underpayment is a big mistake. Before his return to the cage in Bellator 149 to face old nemesis Ken Shamrock, UFC Hall of Famer Royce Gracie finds himself in a serious fight with the IRS over his taxes. Di Gracie rightfully claimed a tax credit for the poor or did he commit fraud in order to reduce his tax bill? Did Royce Gracie try to submit the IRS by illegally claiming the Earned Income Credit, a tax subsidy designed for low-income working families? MMA Pioneer Gracie & IRS Income [...]

IRS Innocent Spouse Relief Rules Revised To Help The Innocent Spouse (Part 2)

The Tax Resolution Institute wants taxpayers to know that innocent spouse relief is more accessible today than almost ever before. There are requirements that need to be met to be designated an innocent spouse. In part two of this blog, we shall go through the necessary requirements. Naturally, these requirements do not have to be met on your own. The tax resolution specialists and tax attorneys at The Tax Resolution Institute will help you establish the written track record for the IRS of such innocent spouse criteria. IRS Innocent Spouse Relief Criteria IRC § 6015(f) allows innocent spouse relief to [...]

IRS Innocent Spouse Relief More Accessible Today (Part 1)

Did you know that IRS innocent spouse relief is more accessible than ever before? The Tax Resolution Institute wants taxpayers to know that revisions made to the Internal Revenue Code, as well as a mellowing in the Internal Revenue Service’s approach to granting innocent spouse relief, has made it easier to access IRS innocent spouse relief. The goal of the tax attorneys at TRI is to make sure that you ate not hurt by the tax problems of your ex. Accessing Innocent Spouse Relief IRS Innocent Spouse Relief Since most of this income tax debt was created by [...]