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With over 25 years of experience in helping American taxpayers in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service and State taxing agencies, the Tax Resolution Institute are considered to be the preeminent tax resolution specialists in the entire country. By balancing talented and knowledgeable CPAs with experienced Tax Attorneys, the key to the success of the Tax Resolution Institute is offering a comprehensive approach. From the initial diagnosis of your tax problem to the eventual solution that provides true tax relief, our experience and expertise places you in the capable hands you need to resolve your delinquent tax debt challenge with either the IRS or state taxing agencies.

Do You Need A Tax Resolution Specialist?

Do You Need A Tax Resolution Specialist?

Whether you face a personal income tax problem that feels overwhelming or a payroll tax crisis that threatens the future viability of your business, the worst approach to take in either situation is to stall and become stuck in the morass of hoping the problem will go away by itself. To be perfectly clear and honest, it won’t. The Internal Revenue Service is the largest collection agency in the world, and they never forget or lose sight of a delinquent tax debt.

In today’s computerized world of high tech accounting and debt collection strategies, sooner or later, your back tax problem will be come up and be placed on the desk of an IRS Revenue Officer. When that happens, the letters and the phone calls will soon be replaced by tax liens and tax levies, wage garnishments and asset seizures. Before a tax problem becomes a tax crisis, you need a tax resolution specialist working effectively in your corner.

Tax Relief With A Tax Resolution Specialist

Tax Relief With A Tax Resolution Specialist

Unlike the bevy of tax resolution service scams that give our essential vocation a questionable reputation, the Tax Resolution Institute begins the process of tax resolution with a diagnosis of the problem, then provides a course of specific treatments that addresses the intricacies of your delinquent tax problem. As Peter Stephan, the founder of TRI, explains, “When no one else has an answer, we are ready to help.”

By focusing on the toughest tax resolution cases and finding workable solutions, the Tax Resolution Institute does not offer pie-in-the-sky promises and miraculous answers based in lies and deceit. Instead, we offer you actual tax relief that works through twenty-five years of extensive experience and learned expertise that generates positive results and outcomes. If you need a tax resolution specialist to help solve your IRS tax debt problem or state delinquent tax crisis, contact the Tax Resolution Institute today at (877) 829-8370.

Peter Y. Stephan

About Peter Y. Stephan

Peter Y. Stephan, executive director of the Tax Resolution Institute, has been helping people resolve large, complex payroll tax problems and personal income tax problems for over 25 years. Peter has written a book "The Ultimate Tax Resolution Guide" and speaks on Tax Resolution topics frequently.