With The Government Shutdown Over, Your IRS Income Tax Refund Should Be In The Mail Any Day Now

Finally, with the government shutdown over and the vast majority of IRS employees returning to work, your income tax refund check should be processed and in the mail any day now. The Tax Resolution Institute understands how frustrating it was for so many American taxpayers to have their IRS income tax refunds delayed. It is a relief for taxpayers to finally receive the IRS income tax refund they truly deserve.

IRS Income Tax Refund Checks

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Your IRS Income Tax Refund

Although the same taxpayers still had to cover any other payments possibly owed to the Internal Revenue Service, the reverse was not the case. During the recent government shutdown, if you were waiting for an IRS income tax refund check, you suddenly were out of luck. As the Tax Resolution Institute reported on October 5, IRS tax refund checks were put on hold during the government shutdown. Although IRS Criminal Investigations continued operating at full pace, the IRS employees responsible for helping American taxpayers were all furloughed.

The Tax Resolution Institute supports the processing and mailing of IRS income tax refund checks, but we also know this positive change in the aftermath of the government shutdown is just one small slice of a much greater pie. Although the return of your IRS income tax refund is a true positive, most of the slices of the returning pie reflect negatives for American taxpayers like tax liens, bank levies and other IRS collections activity.

Please do not forget that the government shutdown cost the American taxpayers over $300 million dollars each and every day. Or so we were being told by the major news outlets like Bloomberg during the government shutdown. What is even worse is that figure turned out to be an extraordinarily low estimate according to Time magazine. The following the headline from the Time Magazine Business & Money section as it appeared online on October 16, 2013:

“S&P Says Government Shutdown Cost U.S. Economy $24 Billion

That’s $1.5 billion per day”

Wow! That is a tremendous amount of lost money that needs to be covered and paid for somehow. The Tax Resolution Institute would not be surprised to see the IRS given a mandate to make up for this huge loss through the collection of back tax debts. It is wonderful that American taxpayers will be receiving their IRS income tax refund checks in the mail after the delay of the government shutdown, but that is only the beginning. 

If the delay, however, leads to serious tax resolution problems and delinquent income tax debt challenges for taxpayers, the Tax Resolution Institute is here to provide the help you need with the very best in tax resolution services. To learn more,  please contact us for a free consultation by calling 800.401.5926 or filling out our handy contact form.

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