The Tax Resolution Institute is angry that so many American taxpayers have been ripped off by TaxMasters and scammed by JK Harris. Now that both tax resolution firms have declared bankruptcy, it must feel like all hope is lost to these people that have has their time and resources stolen from them. Rather than delivering income tax relief or tax resolution help for “pennies on the dollars”, American TaxMasters and JK Harris are offering to pay “pennies on the dollar” at best to resolve coming lawsuits and claims against them. The Tax Resolution Institute wants to help American taxpayers with the following:

Three Steps If You Were Ripped Off By TaxMasters Or Scammed By JK Harris


  1. Keep track of the latest developments by setting-up Google Alerts for the names of both companies. By signing up for a free Gmail account, you receive the power to receive Google Alerts. Google sends you and email every time the words you have highlighted are mentioned anywhere on the Internet that is valuable. These alerts will focus on the key information and avoid the silly stuff. If you were ripped off by TaxMasters or scammed by JK Harris, Google Alerts can keep you in touch with the latest developments in the cases and class action lawsuits.
  2. Make sure that you file your 2012 income taxes and keep your financial records in order. The Tax Resolution Institute knows how much it stinks that this happened, but that is not an excuse to stick your head in the sand like an ostrich and just pray that the trouble will go away. It won’t and the IRS does not care if you were ripped-off by a private tax resolution firm. As the largest collection agency in the world, they just want their money. As a result, as you move forward, stay in compliance and file your taxes. In addition, make sure that your financial records are in order and you are ready to take action when opportunities arise.
  3. Contact the Tax Resolution Institute for a free consultation by calling 818-704-1443 and find out whether we can help you. Since the Tax Resolution Institute has a proven history of expertise and experience (just recognized as the #2 Tax Resolution Firm in the country in terms of quality with a score of 95 out of 100), it makes sense to contact us for a free consultation. We are not making false promises and we know that we cannot help everyone. If your tax resolution case falls within the parameters  of our work and we know that we can help you, we will. Our belief is that after being ripped off by TamMasters and scammed by JK Harris, you deserve nothing less than a straight shooter on your side.
This Rip-Off Artist And Liar Deserves Nothing But Misery

After What He Did, This Rip Off Artist From TaxMasters Deserves Only Misery

Peter Stephan, the founder of the Tax Resolution Institute, is disgusted by the fact that so many decent American taxpayers were ripped off by TaxMasters or scammed by JK Harris. In a tough economy when so many people need quality tax resolution services, it angers him to see his valued and essential  industry run into the ground. If you provide quality tax resolution services, the process works and it can work for you. Please contact the Tax Resolution Institute for a free consultation by calling 818-704-1443 and find out whether we can help you today.