If You Hired Bankrupt TaxMasters Or Bankrupt JK Harris, Losing Hope For IRS Tax Relief, Contact The Tax Resolution Institute For Reliable And Quality Tax Resolution Services

If you hired the bankrupt TaxMasters or the bankrupt JK Harris and find yourself in desperate need for quality tax resolution services, please contact the Tax Resolution Institute for a free consultation by calling 818-704-1443. It does not matter whether you live in Los Angeles or New York City, Philadelphia or San Diego, Chicago or Atlanta, the Tax Resolution Institute will hear your problems and tell you straight up whether we can help or not. We know how frustrating and awful this almost criminal experience must be for you and your family.

Bankrupt TaxMasters And JK Harris

Quality Tax Resolution Services Provided

Quality Tax Resolution Services Provided

It simply is not fair that you have been lied to and conned by supposedly reputable tax resolution companies like the bankrupt TaxMasters and the bankrupt JK Harris. After making false and misleading promises of being able to settle your tax case for “pennies on the dollar”, these embarrassments to our important and necessary tax resolution services industry blacken the name of decent and hard-working tax resolution specialists and professionals who want to use their skills to provide legitimate tax relief. Clearly the vaulted late night television hounds like TaxMasters became the bankrupt TaxMasters because they spent money on advertising and hardcore sales rooms as opposed to expertise and experienced staffs.

Honestly, the whole thing just makes our blood boil and gets under our skin because the tax resolution services that the Tax Resolution Institute provides to our clients are effective and realistic and viable. We are sick and tired of second-rate con men poisoning the industry and staining our reputation. At a time when the Internal Revenue Service and the state taxing agencies are going after delinquent income tax debts with a renewed focus and vigor, we know first-hand how important it is for American taxpayers to have access to quality tax resolution services.

Let’s not forget that the largest collection agencies in America by far are the IRS and the state taxing agencies and departments. Not only are they like collection agencies in terms of their basic perspective and jobs, they have so much more power to enforce their collections. As you well know, they can levy your bank accounts, garnish your wages, and even seize your personal property. And they do not have to spend countless years and dollars in the labyrinthian court system to get permission to do just that. They already have a mandate and all the permission they will ever need to undermine your financial security and threaten the safety of your family.

After Bankrupt TaxMasters, Tax Resolution Services Needed

The Bankrupt TaxMasters Embarrass Our Needed Industry

The Bankrupt TaxMasters Embarrasses Our Industry

In truth, we cannot fix what happened to you if you were ripped-off and scammed by the bankrupt TaxMasters or the bankrupt JK Harris. As you already know, this is not what we do and it is not in the scope of our professional services. What the Tax Resolution Institute can do is offer you a free consultation to help solve the delinquent income tax problem and back IRS tax debts that brought you to reach out for help from those con men in the first place. If we can help you, we will. If we can’t, we will not waste your time. The reason we offer a free consultation is because we are not in the business of wagging our tails to recruit clients. Instead, we are in the business of providing quality tax resolution services, unlike the bankrupt TaxMasters or the bankrupt JK Harris, and we will not take a single dollar unless we know that we can help you. It is time to move past the legitimate anger and resentment, and take the necessary action to protect your financial future by calling the Tax Resolution Institute at 818-704-1443 for a free consultation.

Peter Y. Stephan, executive director of the TaxResolutionInstitute.com, leads the nation’s most respected Tax Resolution services firm.

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