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San Diego Tax Resolution Services Are Needed More Than Ever As The California Franchise Tax Board Goes After Delinquent Income Tax Debts

Although an economic rebound is advertised in an election year, the simple truth is that San Diego tax resolution services are needed more than ever. The recovery back from the recession is characterized in California by smoke and mirrors. The Tax Resolution Institute has experienced new Southern California clients, including many San Diego taxpayers, who are in huge trouble because the ghosts of the recession are coming back to haunt them. As the ghosts return in the form of delinquent income tax bills and notices from the Internal Revenue Service and the California Franchise Tax Board, the taxpayers are caught in a terrible bind and need the best in tax resolution services.

San Diego Back Income Taxes

Don't Gamble With Second-Rate Tax Resolution Services

When times are tough and money is tight, the first place where taxpayers tend to hold back their cash is when it comes to their income taxes. The taxpayer in San Diego experienced many profitable years in the past so he thinks, “These financial problems are just temporary. Soon my business will get back on track and I’ll be able to catch up. I can pay back my delinquent income taxes to the IRS and the Franchise Tax Board after I get back on my feet.” Although this reasoning sounds good at the time, it too often leads to disastrous results. As two of the largest collection agencies in the world, the Internal Revenue Service and the Franchise Tax Board do not care one iota about your financial difficulties. They simply expect to get paid and, if they have not been paid, they are coming after your wages with wage garnishments, your bank accounts with bank levies, and your assets with asset seizures.

Just like you, American and the state of California have gone through a rough patch. And now they have to find the money to fill in those budget deficits and pay their own bills. Guess where that money is coming from — delinquent tax debts and everything owed in the past. The Revenue Officers for both the IRS and the California Franchise Tax Board are going after delinquent tax debts with a renewed enthusiasm and focus. If you owe delinquent taxes and you think you will get away with it, think again.

Don't Play Dice With Your Future!

Don't Play Dice With Your Future!

The problem for the San Diego taxpayer above is that he hoped his business would prosper again, and he could use the new profits to pay his delinquent tax debts. Although his business is no longer threatened with going under, it is not doing all that well either because the California economy is still in the dumps. Suddenly, when the notices in the mail start arriving and the phone starts ringing, he is caught in a real bind and needs tax relief and effective tax resolution services above all else. Luckily, the Tax Resolution Institute has extensive experience helping Southern California taxpayers, including many successful individuals from San Diego with back income tax problems, find the answers that they need. Not necessarily the answers that they want, but the tax answers that they need to keep them economically viable and protect the financial security of their families.

The Best In San Diego Tax Resolution Services

If you live in San Diego and you are facing a delinquent tax problem with either the IRS or the California Franchise Tax Board, please don’t roll the dice and hope for the best. Do not be the ostrich who sticks his head in the sand and prays that all his problems will just go away. Tax problems never just go away. Instead, take a positive step and contact the Tax Resolution Institute for a free consultation and the very best in San Diego tax resolution services. We can help if you make the decision to help yourself and take action.


Retired Philadelphia Sports Star Finds Himself With A Serious Delinquent IRS Income Tax Crisis After Financial Mismanagement

The Tax Resolution Institute always protects the privacy of our clients, maintaining their anonymity and helping them to put their lives back together after a serious tax crisis. Although our client was a Philadelphia sports star back in the day, he was not necessarily a baseball player, and we are only using the baseball metaphors because they seem so apt in these cases. Whatever he was and whatever he did, the man was a hero to many young kids and he experienced the glory and the adulation that the vast majority of us can only imagine.

Athletes Need Good Financial Management And Tax Planning

Athletes Need Good Financial Management And Tax Planning

In the City of Brotherly love, he was a hero for a time, but heroes pass with each generation and the when the cheers quiet down, what is left are the challenges of everyday life. Unfortunately, when you live in a fantastic and heightened realm of adulation for so long, it is often hard to make the transition to being a regular joe. And when the big contracts have been signed and the money is pouring in and the agents and managers are slapping you in the back, everything seems like it will go on forever. But this is an illusion, and this is what our client found out. Yes, he made a lot of money while playing, but it was a pittance in comparison to what professional athletes have been making in the past few decades. Sure, he was a popular advertising face in magazines and on the radio, but advertising did not pay back them what it pays today. With two ex-wives and several kids, the money went out as quickly as it came in. But he never kept track of his finances and never bothered about his taxes. That’s why his agent had hooked him up with a well-known business manager.

Bad Business Managers Sink Countless Fortunes

His business manager handled all the nuts and bolts of his finances. His job was to show up each season in shape and ready to go. After he retired, he worked on and off, both in the kind of jobs where they hire you to make some money off of your name at auto dealers and the like, and also he worked with the team as something like a scout, helping with player development and the like, but honestly just collecting a smaller check. After a decade or so retired, most of these opportunities had dried up, and he found himself coaching high school teams and the like. But he was shocked when he bagan receiving letters from the IRS, informing that he owed over six figures in back taxes. He didn’t understand how that could be. Ever since he retired, his taxes had been paid by a brother-in-law who was an accountant, and he had signed all the checks. During his playing years, the business manager handled his taxes. Or did he…

Bad Business Managers And Lousy Tax Planning Is Common

Bad Business Managers And Lousy Tax Planning Is Common

Shocked and bewildered, the player found out that the business manager had not paid the full amount of the federal tax bills of several of his clients over a number of years. Although he had filed the taxes, he had not paid the full amount, pocketing all of the advertising endorsements and subsidiary money for himself. Although he had paid the taxes on the actual playing salaries of his clients, he had embezzled quite a bit on his own. And then he passed away, and there was nobody to prosecute and the authorities were not interested. When it comes to embezzlement and white collar crime, the cops really do not care. It is a private matter for civil suits and mediations and the like. Suddenly, our client found himself with a huge tax bill and no money to pay those taxes because of a total lack of savings.

What was this once successful and famous Philadelphia star to do? He knew that he never wanted to go public because he had seen what that had done to other sports figures like Denny McLain and Lawrence Taylor. He did not want his family embarrassed or his reputation damaged. The good man still had the pride and the faith of a professional athlete. On the basis of a friend’s recommendation, he called the Tax Resolution Institute. Going over his case, Peter Stephan realized that a lot of the penalties and interest payments being charged were on tax debts that were no longer collectible. Contacting the IRS, he had the vast majority of the tax bill waived and replaced by a small fee that was to be paid immediately by the client. In addition, the client had to refile several recent tax returns to place him in complete compliance. After paying a reasonable fee to the Tax Resolution Institute and covering the he tax settlement payment, the former Philadelphia sports star found his reputation safe and his future financial viability protected.

It is incredible how often the Tax Resolution Institute deals with clients who’s finances and tax payments have been mismanaged by so-called financial advisers and business managers. You cannot act like an ostrich and put your head in the sand, hoping everything will be just fine. In retrospect, our client realized that’s exactly what he had done for so many years, and he was happy to take responsibility and change his course of action. It turned out that the damage was not as bad as it first seemed, and he received true tax relief from the Tax Resolution Institute. But he was lucky as well, and it could have been a lot worse. If you find yourself or know of a friend or a loved one in a similar situation, please have them contact us at the Tax Resolution Institute. Not only will we help make sure that their finances are in order, we will uncover and handle any back tax problems that come up because they were never properly managed in the past. It is not right for well-known individuals who have given so much joy to their communities to be haunted by such problems after retirement. Luckily, we can help if you call 800-401-5926 for a free consultation.

3 More Reasons Why Clients From Philadelphia To Orange County Choose The Tax Resolution Institute

The Tax Resolution Institute understands that choosing a tax relief company can be one more challenge in the midst of a nightmare. When you have a serious tax problem, thoughts and fears seem to take over your life. There is so much tax resolution noise in the media and so few viable tax resolution solutions. Since we have been successful with clients across the country from Philadelphia to Orange County, New York to Los Angeles, Miami to Las Vegas, we believe that our tax resolution services are the very best offered in solution. Why? Simply because we put our resources not into call center marketing and late night television advertising, but into hiring the most qualified and talented tax professionals to handle your case and provide the actual results that we agree upon in the beginning. We are here to help.

Tax Resolution Solutions At A Difficult Time In Your Life

The Best In Tax Resolution Services At A Difficult Time In Your Life

Three Reasons To Work With The Tax Resolution Institute:

1. Track Record – The Tax Resolution Institute has a a well established record of success. Manipulative firms make absurd offers, promising “pennies on the dollar” for their entire fee upfront.  These are the companies that pollute the public’s consciousness of tax resolution firms. In contrast, the Tax Resolution Institute has a proven track record with zero complaints by any of our past clients.

2. Respected In The Industry – Peter Stephan, the founder of TRI, wrote the textbook and guide used to train many tax professionals. The Ultimate Guide To Tax Resolution was not designed for taxpayers. It was designed to teach tax resolution professionals how to do the job correctly and how to achieve real tax resolution results for their clients. Whenever Peter Stephan gives a seminar, it is standing room only. In addition, he is called upon by real estate agent and finance groups to give talks on tax resolution challenges.

3. Customer Support & Responsiveness – When you have a serious tax problem, it is truly awful. You have difficulty sleeping and every letter and phone call threatens to be the IRS chasing you down. The Tax Resolution Institute understands, and this is why we provide the very best in customer support. Whenever you call us during business hours, a human being and not a machine picks up the phone. You are directed to a tax professional who can help you with a free consultation. We don’t take on every tax case. Often we recommend a different solution. We take on the challenging cases where we know we can help. We are responsive and efficient with how we communicate with our clients.

The Tax Resolution wants our clients to value the work we do for them and to recommend us to friends and business associates in the future. If you have a serious tax problem with either the IRS of a state taxing agency, we are here to help. We have extensive experience with both personal income tax cases and business payroll tax cases. Please contact us by calling 800-401-5926 for a free consultation today.


Chicago Taxpayers Beware – Illinois Department Of Revenue Is Going After Your Back Taxes

If you live in Chicago and have state tax problems with the Illinois Department of Revenue, you might feel like Al Capone being chased down by the Internal Revenue Service. However, it is not just the IRS that is coming after you. The Illinois Department of Revenue has been given a mandate to go after tax debts, particularly back payroll taxes, to back up the challenged state budget. Like every state in the nation, Illinois has suffered during the recession as its local services have been besieged by the multitude of the unemployed.

Tax Debts And Illinois Department Of Revenue

Bad Time To Have Back Taxes In Illinois

Bad Time To Have Back Taxes In Illinois

The Tax Resolution Institute understands what it’s like to live in a big city with the economy closing in all around you. Suddenly you are faced with difficult financial choices, and often the easiest answer is not to pay your state income taxes or to borrow from your company’s state trust fund. Both options are recipes for disaster. You don’t have to be a gangster anymore for the city of Chicago, the IRS and the Illinois Department of Revenue to come after you. You can just be a regular guy or gal caught in a bind, but the tax revenue officers and collection agents do not care. As representatives of the biggest collection agencies in the world, all they care about is getting the tax debt owed any way they can.

Chicago Needs Tax Resolution Services

Chicago Needs The Best In Tax Resolution Services

Luckily, a serious tax crisis with the Illinois Department of Revenue, whether it deals with back state income taxes or delinquent state payroll taxes, does not have to close the door on your financial future. The Tax Resolution Institute has experience finding workable solution by offering the best in tax resolution services. If you are in trouble, the worst action to take is no action. Sitting on your hands and hoping your tax problems will go away has never worked for anyone. Back in the day, Chicago residents could not just wish the gangsters away. They had to take positive action to restore the good name of a great city. Stil, even the city of Chicago is known to have extremely high municipal taxes.

If you are experiencing a serious tax crisis, please contact the Tax Resolution Institute today. With our free consultation, we will let you know exactly what we can do for you. Do not let the IRS or the Illinois Department of Revenue close the door on your financial future. Take positive action and contact us before it is too late. Contact us for a free consultation by calling 800-401-5926.

Rocker Ozzy Osbourne And Daughter Kelly Osbourne Hit With IRS Tax Liens For Back Taxes Owed

IRS Tax Lien Haunts Ozzy Osbourne

IRS Tax Lien Haunts Ozzy Osbourne

Yes, back taxes are a problem in the Osbourne family across the board. The Internal revenue Service says reality TV star and rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon owes more than $1.7 million in back taxes, according to a report. According to celebrity gossip site TMZ, documents filed in Los Angeles County show that the Osbournes owe $718,948 for the 2008 tax year, and $1,024,175 for 2009. Rolling Stone reports that the IRS has placed a lien on their Los Angeles home and can risk losing it if they don’t pay up soon. With such success in both his music career and on reality television, it is crazy for Ozzy Osbourne to have such a problem with back taxes and an IRS tax lien. Why doesn’t he have better tax planning and access to better tax resolution services?  In addition, adding to the irony of the problem, famous daughter Kelly Osbourne was also hit with a tax lien last month for $34,000 in 2009.

IRS Never Ignores Celebrities Who Owe Back Taxes

Some celebrities make millions, but believe they don’t need to pay taxes because their fame makes them untouchable. As everyone from Wesley Snipes to Pan Anderson have learned, this is simply not the case when it comes to back taxes and the IRS. Luckily, the Tax Resolution Institute provides the best in tax resolution services to resolve such tax problems and put a famous life back on track. There is no reason to have the public humiliation of a minor income tax problem if you have proper tax planning that focuses on prevention and keeping a taxpayer in compliance.

Unhappy Tax Lien For Kelly

Unhappy Tax Lien For Kelly

The IRS is after Kelly Osbourne because she allegedly owes more than $30,000 in unpaid taxes. In addition, she owes exactly $34,763.30 to the state of California dating back to 2009. As the Tax Resolution Institute has pointed out recently, the California Franchise tax Board is going after delinquent state income taxes with a renewed focus.  Parents incomes aside, Kelly is reportedly making $15 million thanks to her role on E!’s ‘Fashion Police’ show and her new job as the spokesperson for Madonna’s Material Girl clothing range. If Kelly Osbourne is doing so well, the question is why does she have IRS tax problems and a tax lien filed against her. Clearly, she needs access to better tax resolution services and tax planning to avoid such a public relations problem.

It Does Not Matter Whether You Are Famous Or A Regular Joe

It does not matter whether you are famous or a regular joe. If you owe back taxes, the IRS will come after you and place a tax lien on your property. In addition, the state taxing agencies like the California Franchise Tax Board will come after you as well with a renewed focus. Do not casually fall into the trap hole of back taxes that is causing problems for Rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his daughter Kelly Osbourne. If you need the best in tax resolution services to solve the problem of back taxes and find real tax relief, contact TRI today for help.