San Diego Tax Resolution Services Are Needed More Than Ever As The California Franchise Tax Board Goes After Delinquent Income Tax Debts

Although an economic rebound is advertised in an election year, the simple truth is that San Diego tax resolution services are needed more than ever. The recovery back from the recession is characterized in California by smoke and mirrors. The Tax Resolution Institute has experienced new Southern California clients, including many San Diego taxpayers, who are in huge trouble because the ghosts of the recession are coming back to haunt them. As the ghosts return in the form of delinquent income tax bills and notices from the Internal Revenue Service and the California Franchise Tax Board, the taxpayers are caught [...]

Retired Philadelphia Sports Star Finds Himself With A Serious Delinquent IRS Income Tax Crisis After Financial Mismanagement

The Tax Resolution Institute always protects the privacy of our clients, maintaining their anonymity and helping them to put their lives back together after a serious tax crisis. Although our client was a Philadelphia sports star back in the day, he was not necessarily a baseball player, and we are only using the baseball metaphors because they seem so apt in these cases. Whatever he was and whatever he did, the man was a hero to many young kids and he experienced the glory and the adulation that the vast majority of us can only imagine. In the [...]

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3 More Reasons Why Clients From Philadelphia To Orange County Choose The Tax Resolution Institute

Beyond our free consultation, there are three reasons to choose the Tax Resolution Institute when you have a serious tax problem. They are simple and clear - 1) Track Record, 2) Respected In The Industry, 3) Customer Support. Contact us today for more information.

Chicago Taxpayers Beware – Illinois Department Of Revenue Is Going After Your Back Taxes

If you live in Chicago and have state tax problems with the Illinois Department of Revenue, you might feel like Al Capone being chased down by the Internal Revenue Service. However, it is not just the IRS that is coming after you. The Illinois Department of Revenue has been given a mandate to go after tax debts, particularly back payroll taxes, to back up the challenged state budget. Like every state in the nation, Illinois has suffered during the recession as its local services have been besieged by the multitude of the unemployed. Tax Debts And Illinois Department Of Revenue [...]

Rocker Ozzy Osbourne And Daughter Kelly Osbourne Hit With IRS Tax Liens For Back Taxes Owed

Yes, back taxes are a problem in the Osbourne family across the board. The Internal revenue Service says reality TV star and rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon owes more than $1.7 million in back taxes, according to a report. According to celebrity gossip site TMZ, documents filed in Los Angeles County show that the Osbournes owe $718,948 for the 2008 tax year, and $1,024,175 for 2009. Rolling Stone reports that the IRS has placed a lien on their Los Angeles home and can risk losing it if they don't pay up soon. With such success in both his music [...]

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