The Tax Resolution Institute Helps Allentown Pennsylvania Company With Unpaid Payroll Taxes

The problem of unpaid payroll taxes and the trust fund recovery penalty happens everywhere, even in growing cities like Allentown in Pennsylvania. Like Irvine and other growing cities that the Tax Resolution Institute has helped in the past, Allentown has been experiencing a challenging mix of economic growth and the subsequent challenges. Helping the process, the Allentown Economic Development Corporation operates the Bridgeworks, a business incubator that has helped to fight the recession. Such civic support in Allentown helps attract and support young commercial and manufacturing businesses. Unpaid Payroll Taxes In Allentown When a young commercial business in Allentown found [...]

How Businesses Get in Trouble with Unpaid Payroll Taxes – 2 Key Examples From Philadelphia & Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania

In today's tough economy, whether a result of ignorance, accident, or design, unpaid payroll taxes get plenty of business owners in trouble with the IRS. It is very easy for a business with large operating expenses and reduced sales to “temporarily borrow” from the payroll taxes account to keep the lights on. Payroll deductions are called a Trust Fund because you become a trustee of the IRS. Unpaid payroll taxes result from failing to make the required payroll tax deposits on time and in the correct amounts. Failure to collect and submit this money means you have committed a [...]

If You Are A Millionaire, The Internal Revenue Service Is Much More Likely To Audit You

If you earned over a million dollars last year, you were much more likely to be contacted by the IRS. An incredible one in eight people earning at least $1 million annually were audited by the Internal Revenue Service last year. In contrast, according to IRS data released and reported on in the Huffington Post, only 1 in 100 individuals earning less than $200,000 had their income tax returns examined by the IRS. The Tax Resolution Institute empathizes with wealthy taxpayers, and we understand how you suddenly feel as if you are under siege for no reason. If [...]

The Internal Revenue Service Files An Income Tax Lien Against Lindsay Lohan

Like so many celebrities in crisis before her, Lindsay Lohan is facing an IRS tax lien for nearly $94,000 that the federal government says she owes in delinquent income taxes. The Tax Resolution Institute has seen such celebrity cases again and again over the years as a result of poor financial management and zero tax planning. Records in Los Angeles County show the lien filed by the IRS at the beginning of 2012 seeking payment for the 2009 tax year. According to Lohan’s publicist Steve Honig, the starlet’s finances are nobody’s business but her own. Then again, clearly [...]

The New California Willful Misclassification Of Independent Contractor Law Is Essential Information For All Employers Part 2

Previously, the first part of this article was posted, going into detail about the new California Willful Misclassification Law of Independent Contractors and how it will effect companies. From a tax resolution perspective, it can have extreme consequences in regards to payroll taxes and the trust fund recovery penalty. Here is the second part of the article that continues the analysis. Part 2 — There are so many California employers who have misclassified their workers as "independent contractors" to avoid the costs and expenses associated with payroll, overtime pay, workers' compensation insurance, disability, and other traditional employee benefits [...]

JK Harris Files For Bankruptcy, Cleaning House Of The Tax Resolution Services Industry

Joining American Tax Relief and Roni Deutch in the pit of financial and criminal scandal, JK Harris & Co. filed for bankruptcy and suspended all operations last week, preparing for the possible liquidation of the firm's assets. First, the FTC shut down American Tax Relief, then the California Attorney General sued Roni Deutch for cheating innocent American taxpayers, and now JK Harris is going out of business. As a representative of the very best of the tax resolution services industry, the Tax Resolution Institute is happy to see the house being cleaned. We are tired of our necessary [...]

The New California Willful Misclassification Of Independent Contractors Law, Payroll Taxes And Your Business

As a resource to our past, present and potential future clients, the Tax Resolution Institute provides an in-depth analysis of the new California independent contractor law. When Governor Brown signed the new law at the end of 2011, the stakes rose to the next level. and your business could be in serious financial jeopardy, both with payroll tax violations and numerous other penalties. Here is the first part of our two part analysis. California Enforcement Spotlight On Your Business Part 1 — If you are a business owner in California and you employ independent contractors, whether you are [...]

Whether You Live In Los Angeles, San Diego Or Irvine, IRS Income Tax Debt Relief Has Become A Real Necessity

In California's challenging economy, owing money and finding yourself in a financial bind is not uncommon. Although owing money to people can be downright unpleasant, nothing compares with owing money to the Internal Revenue Service. Whether you live in Los Angeles, San Diego or Irvine,  the Internal Revenue Service is coming after your delinquent income tax debts with a renewed intensity. The Tax Resolution Institute understands that you need, and we can provide you with an effective strategy for income tax debt relief It is true that tax agencies like the IRS and the California Franchise Tax Board [...]