5 Essential End Of The Year Tax Planning Tips From The Tax Resolution Institute

Recognizing the importance of tax planning as 2011 ends and 2012 begins, the Tax Resolution Institue offers you this handy guide of 5 essential end of the year tax planning tips. Some may apply to you and some may not, but we are certain that there is at least two or three tips in this document that will help you with your tax planning. After all, although the Tax Resolution Institute focuses on helping individual and companies resolve delinquent tax debts, we also believe in providing techniques and strategies as a form of prevention to help you avoid [...]

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A Christmas Present Of Essential Tax Information For California Taxpayers From The Tax Resolution Institute

Christmas should be a universal holiday for everyone, a time of seasonal relief and family love and financial support. The Tax Resolution Institute knows how many California taxpayers are in trouble this year as 2011 comes to a close. We want to provide with a Christmas present of essential tax information to help make 2012 a wonderful year for you and your family. Although the statute of limitations for Federal Tax Collection tends to be ten years, the statute of limitations for California Franchise Tax Board is twenty years. In this economic crisis, they are going after ancient tax debts [...]

From CNN: President Obama & House Speaker Boehner Square Off In Payroll Tax Fight With Zero Progress

By Tom Cohen and Alan Silverleib at CNN, the National Payroll Tax Cut that was supposed to be extended to businesses and the American people with a temporary compromise by Congress for an additional two months made zero progress before shutting down for the holiday break. As the Senators and Representatives take off for a season of good cheer, American business owners still do not know whether they will continue to have a break in payroll tax cuts to help them out next year. John McCain explained the conflict being caused by the Tea Party radicals the best: The lingering dispute is hurting us, [...]

Could An ETF Investment Cause Problems With The IRS? The Wall Street Journal Advises You To Ask Questions

As the economy tightens and investors look for new opportunities, the exchange-traded fund has become more and more popular.  As an investment fund traded on stock exchanges that contains viable assets such as stocks, commodities, or bonds, ETFs, when used appropriately, are really an extension of the index mutual fund. What is enticing is that they offer investors a myriad of opportunities otherwise not available with traditional mutual funds. Wikipedia explains how an exchange-traded fund functions and why it often makes sense for an investor.  By owning an ETF, you get the diversification of an index fund as well as [...]

A Surprise Early Christmas Gift From The Tax Resolution Institute — No New IRS Levies Until January 2, 2012

Since the holiday season is a time when everyone should be able to celebrate with family without the fear of an IRS Tax Levy, here is a gift of essential tax relief information and a surprise reveal that the Internal Revenue Service has a heart. Everyone is still hurting from the tough economy over the past few years, and the IRS is giving American citizens with tax problems a bit of a breather. Mind you, the policy for the IRS has always been never to file a new Tax Levy during the oficial holiday season from December 22 [...]

Small To Mid-Sized Companies With Delinquent Payroll Tax Debts Need A Tax Professional In Their Corner

The Tax Resolution Institute has seen payroll tax problems close a business overnight and lead to criminal sanctions against the owners, including prison time. Due to the economic downturn, the IRS has been increasingly aggressive in their collection attempts for past due payroll taxes. For example, if you are a struggling business owner in Orange County with delinquent payroll taxes, you need to know right away how to protect your company and livelihood. Why stick your head in the sand and let the IRS levy your funds and take control of your cash flow and your incoming finances Peter Stephan [...]