Bankruptcy And Tax Debt In California: What Debt Is Dischargeable? Can I Discharge IRS Tax Debt?

There are many misconceptions about bankruptcy. People fail to understand and realize that there are specific rules about what types of debt can be discharged under Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Luckily, in an effort to help our potential clients and bring clarity to a confused mess, the Tax Resolution Institute offers this illumination. Since we are based in Southern California, we have seen the problems you are experiencing first-hand and we know how to help. We are the best at tax dischargability analysis. In general, most kinds of consumer debt can be eliminated under a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. If [...]

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After Newport Beach Tax Return Is Filed In The Filing Cabinet, TRI Abates $188,000 In IRS Penalties And Interest

The Tax Resolution Institute has experienced so many examples of high income clients with serious IRS income tax problems where the client truly is not at fault. Yes, they did not pay their taxes, but not because they were evading them or did not have the money to cover their tax bill. Instead, they were victims of stupidity and foolishness by people who work for them. A perfect example is when a Newport Beach Entrepreneur finished his taxes, wrote the check, then gave the papers with check attached to his assistant with the express request to file the return. Did [...]

After Bankruptcy Lawyer Fails To Discharge IRS Tax Debt, Peter Stephan Rescues Irvine Computer Executive

When it comes to personal bankruptcy, IRS tax debts can be discharged and removed from your financial record if the proper time requirements are met. If your bankruptcy lawyer fails to report the discharge claim to the IRS, then nothing will happen to the delinquent tax debt. If you fail to go through the proper channels and fill out the paperwork, the IRS will not recognize the bankruptcy and will continue its collection efforts. Such was the dilemma faced by an Irvine Computer Executive who already had lost her high-paying job and gone into home foreclosure on account of the [...]