Southern California Couple Scammed Could Have Found Tax Relief With The Tax Resolution Institute

When innocent American citizens are taken advantage of by dishonest tax resolution companies who make false and misleading promises, it angers the tax experts at the Tax Resolution Institute. Tax scams not only hurt the innocent, the resulting tax complaints also darken the reputation of our industry. The mission of the Tax Resolution Institute is to help people with serious IRS and state tax problems obtain a favorable result, leaving them happy instead of desperate. A perfect example of such a tax scam was recorded in a tax complaint that a Southern California couple recently posted on the [...]

Orange County Alert: Serious Consequences For Unpaid Payroll Taxes For Business Owners

Due to a challenging economy,  number of big and small businesses in Orange County, ranging from Newport Beach to Irvine,are in constant struggle with their payroll tax deposits. Most of them have trouble keeping up with their unpaid IRS payroll taxes and they default on the trust fund. This article should serve as an alert to business owners in Newport Beach, Irvine and across Orange County that not covering your trust fund and failing to pay your payroll taxes can be the death knell for your company. You should never treat payroll tax debt carelessly because it can lead to bank account and wage levies [...]

Long Beach Attorney Almost Loses His Huntington Beach Home, Paying His Mortgage And Not The IRS

The recession in California has hit everyone across the board, and wealthy homeowners have found themselves often caught between paying their mortgage or the IRS. When they choose to pay the mortgage and ignore their income tax debts, disaster often results when the IRS catch up with them. A perfect example is a recent TRI client who works as a top attorney in Long Beach. He lives in Huntington Beach with his family in a beautiful, but very expensive beachfront home. And he came close to having his assets seized and having his home placed in real jeopardy. [...]

Orange County Construction Firm With Clients From Newport Beach to Irvine Finds Payroll Tax Relief With TRI

When a major construction firm in Orange County failed to cover their payroll taxes and was caught by the IRS, the future of the company was put in jeopardy. The Internal Revenue Service considers the payment of payroll taxes to be an inviolable trust with business owners. A violation of such a trust is not taken lightly, and there is a reason why payroll taxes collected are referred to as the Trust Fund. The Trust Recovery Penalty is one of the most severe financial penalties in the world. Known as the 100% penalty, the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty [...]

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