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Newport Beach Physicians Find Tax Relief And Begin Healing With An IRS Installment Agreement

Newport Beach Tax Resolution Services

Best in Newport Beach Tax Resolution Services

As a successful married couple from Newport Beach in Orange County, two physicians not only lived together, but worked together as well. With a thriving family practice, a beautiful home overlooking the sea and two kids in the best private schools, they believed that nothing could go wrong. What did go wrong, however, is they failed to pay their income taxes and the IRS came after them. Owing close to $150,000 in back taxes and penalties and with an IRS Notice of Intent to Levy hanging over their heads, the couple knew they had to take immediate action. On the recommendation of a close friend, they contacted Peter Stephan and the Tax Resolution Institute for the best in tax resolution services.

Since they had just received a Notice of Intent to Levy from the IRS, they had  to act before their joint family and business bank accounts would be levied. The levy takes place 30 days from the date on the Notice of Intent.  The bank holds the funds for 21 days before remitting to the IRS. Meeting with them right away, Peter Stephan devised a tax resolution plan that would stop the levy from ever happening. With the help of the tax attorneys at the Tax Resolution Institute, a viable Installment Agreement was negotiated with the IRS Revenue Officer appointed to the Newport Beach couple’s case. Luckily, Peter Stephan has extensive experience with local Southern California Revenue Officers, and he knows the legal steps to take to get an agreement made.

Doctors Experience Tax Resolution Healing

Doctors Experience Tax Resolution Healing

When the Newport Beach couple learned that the Installment Agreement was for $650 a month, they were thrilled. As successful doctors with a thriving practice, the amount of the monthly payment made perfect sense and did not threaten their standard of living. With the IRS Installment Agreement in place, the healing of their income tax problem could begin, and they could return to their practice without the threat of an IRS levy hanging over their heads.

If you have received a Notice of Intent to Levy from the Internal Revenue Service, the time to act is now. The levy takes place 30 days from the date on the Notice of Intent from the IRS.  Your bank holds the funds for 21 days before remitting to the IRS. Once the IRS has your money, it is extremely hard to get it back even if an Installment Agreement or an Offer in Compromise can be worked out for your delinquent tax debt. Please contact the Tax Resolution today so we can help you with the very best in tax resolution services and effective tax relief.



TRI Negotiates Installment Agreement For Irvine Public School Teacher With The California Franchise Tax Board

California Franchise Tax Board

California Franchise Tax Board

If you think the Internal Revenue Service is tough when it comes to delinquent income tax bills, you should try dealing with the California Franchise Tax Board and negotiating an Installment Agreement with them. The California FTB is going after delinquent income tax bills with a new ferocity given the lack of money in the state budget and California’s economic struggles. When an Irvine schoolteacher from Orange County found herself in serious tax trouble with the California FTB, she turned to the Tax Resolution Institute for help.

To begin with, let’s be perfectly honest: In this day and age, being a schoolteacher in California public schools is tough enough without being hassled by the Franchise Tax Board. California needs good teachers that will keep the standardized test scores highs and the kids doing well in class. When a wonderful Irvine schoolteacher encountered some serious financial setbacks and got into a tax bind with the California Franchise Tax Board, she found herself in serious trouble.

Irvine School Teacher PTA Appreciation

Irvine School Teacher PTA Appreciation

Since she was a schoolteacher in the excellent California public school system in Irvine, she thought that she should focus on paying her IRS income taxes and that California would wait. After a few years of delinquent tax bills, she realized that she was wrong and needed help in Orange County. As she expressed to TRI, “Please let me know what we should do at this point. I know that the FTB is not very flexible with due dates so it’s a little unnerving.”

When she came to the Tax Resolution Institute, her wages were about to be garnished and her family’s bank accounts levied. Since she had been sitting on the tax debt for several years, it had just grown and grown, increasingly getting worse. You must remember that if you do not take action, delinquent tax bills with either California Franchise Tax Board or the Internal Revenue Service do not simply go away. Instead, they compound interest on a daily basis while accruing serious back tax penalties. It is essential to take action and deal directly with the problem by consulting a respected tax professional like the Tax Resolution Institute.

Focus On Good Teaching, Not Delinquent Taxes

Focus On Good Teaching, Not Delinquent Taxes

Luckily, the tax lawyers at the Tax Resolution Institute were able to negotiate a very positive and workable Installment Agreement with the California Franchise Tax Board for the Irvine schoolteacher. By agreeing to a do a monthly direct deposit to the FTB, the Installment Agreement was negotiated for under $100.00 a month. Penalties were waived, and all the possible negative consequences went away. The response from the Irvine School teacher was nothings less than glowing: “Thanks again and just so you know – – – YOU ROCK!!! I can’t even believe that this has been taken care of so quickly. If only I would have found TRI 3 years ago – it would have saved me a lot of stress, sleepless nights and tears.”

Remember that if you need help with a delinquent tax problem with the Internal Revenue, the California Franchise Tax Board or any other State Taxing Agency, the Tax Resolution Institute is the place to go. Without a single complaint from any of our past clients and tons of positive feedback for past Installment Agreements and other tax resolution services, we provide the answer when you need help with a wage garnishment looming over your head. The Tax Resolution Institute can solve your delinquent tax problem.

Important Questions To Ask When Choosing A Tax Resolution Company

Tax Help from The Tax Resolution Institute

Essential Tax Help from TRI

When you owe delinquent taxes, the trouble seems overwhelming. The IRS compounds interest on a daily basis. The challenge is how to find a tax resolution company that will solve your problem. Here is a list of key questions. The Tax Resolution Institute will be the prime example.

Question 1: Do they offer a free consultation?

Reputable companies examine your particulars before asking for money. How can they help you if they don’t know what the problem is? The Tax Resolution Institute offers a free consultation.

Question 2: Are they respected within the industry? Are they a resource for other tax professionals, CPAs and tax attorneys?

Tax resolution professionals learn from the best. Peter Stephan, founder of the Tax Resolution Institute, wrote The Ultimate Guide To Tax Resolution; a textbook used to train tax professionals.

Question 3: Do they promise an Offer in Compromise right away? Do they immediately promise pennies on the dollar resolutions?

An Offer in Compromise works in some cases, but it should never be promised. Acceptance rates are low so each situation must be analyzed. The Tax Resolution Institute deals in viable solutions, not false promises.

Question 4: Does the company immediately ask for your credit card and social security number?

If they demand your credit card and SS# right away, you could be setting yourself up to be ripped off. A client agreement and IRS Form 2848 don’t require your personal information until you choose to become a client.

Question 5: Does the company have a permanent place of business? Is the company backed by professional agencies?

 Reputable tax relief companies have an address, staff and a website. They have verification seals on their website from known agencies.

Question 6: Do they offer a refund if they fail to solve your tax problem? Do they put their money where their mouth is?

Tax Resolution scam artists are all about the money and false promises. The Tax Resolution Institute finds a workable solution to your tax problem or they refund your fee.

Question 7: Does the company have online scam warnings about them by past clients? 

If a tax resolution company has scam warnings online from past clients, this is a red flag. The Tax Resolution Institute has not had a single complaint by a past client.

Question 8: Is the company a fly-by-night operation or have they been established for at least a decade?

There are many overnight companies designed to rip you off. The Tax Resolution Institute has a long history of successful tax resolution outcomes.

Question 9: Who will manage your case and return your calls? Will your case be handed off to an administrative assistant? 

If you cannot get your calls returned by a tax professional, something is wrong. At the Tax Resolution Institute, only Tax Attorneys and CPAs manage your case.

Question 10: Does the company use jargon to avoid transparency? Do they speak at and above you or with you?

If they are using jargon to confuse you, you should find a firm that is transparent. On the Tax Resolution Institute website, a film editor client described the services of Peter Stephan: “Peter provided guidance and support, and was available when I needed to talk.”

A tax problem is challenging. Ask the right questions and handle it properly. On his website, Peter Stephan of the Tax Resolution Institute explains: “If you believe your tax situation is dire, we are here for you. We’ll find a real solution and ensure your future.”

With An IRS Bank Levy Looming, Prominent Irvine Attorney Saved When TRI Negotiates Installment Agreement

Notice of Intent to Levy - 21 Days To Act

IRS Notice of Intent to Levy - 21 Days to Act

Married with two young children, a prominent Irvine Attorney found himself in real trouble when he received a Notice of Intent to Levy by the IRS. With only 21 days to act before his bank accounts would be levied and his wages garnished, the partner at a major Irvine law firm needed to take immediate action. Not only would the IRS actions hurt him financially, his reputation would be damaged when his co-workers and community found out that he owed the IRS over $400,000 in delinquent income taxes.

Although the Irvine Attorney brought in six figures a year and had a partnership in a successful firm, he had been hit hard by the recession. In addition, with a hefty mortgage and two kids in expensive private schools, his monthly nut was huge. With his savings tied up in the stock market, his portfolio would be damaged significantly if he tried to raise the money to pay off the IRS income tax debt. Plus he honestly did not have the assets currently available to pay off the tax debt. Like many wealthy people, the successful attorney lived paycheck to paycheck with a percentage of his working capital reinvested into the law firm. What could he do?

Revealing his problems to a close friend whom he knew had experienced a similar income tax crisis, he learned about the excellent tax resolution services available at the Tax Resolution Institute. The friend comforted him and told him not to worry; Peter Stephan would find a tax relief solution for him that would work. Since TRI has been able to help his friend with an Offer in Compromise when he was in trouble, couldn’t they help him as well?

The Best in Irvine Tax Resolution Services

The Best in Irvine Tax Resolution Services

Coming to the Tax Resolution Institute with just over a week to spare on account of the IRS Notice of Intent to Levy, the Irvine Attorney was amazed when the tax experts went into high gear to handle his case. The Tax Resolution Institute has extensive experience providing the best in tax resolution services to Irvine professionals and companies. Making sure that all of his past income tax returns were in order, they began working with the IRS. With the precision and focus of true tax expertise, Peter Stephan negotiated an Installment Agreement for the Irvine Attorney that literally shocked him.

The IRS income tax debt of over $400,000 would become a reasonable Installment Agreement of $250/month. With his privacy, his economic future and his family’s safety intact, the Irvine lawyer truly was grateful for such an excellent outcome. If you owe more than $20,000 in delinquent income taxes to the IRS or a state-taxing agency, please contact TRI today. We can help you if you call (877) 829-8370.


Newport Beach Man Working In Costa Mesa Suffers Wage Garnishment By The IRS After Ignoring Levy Notice

Wage Garnishment In Newport Beach

Wage Garnishment In Newport Beach

After receiving a notice of “Intent To Levy” from the IRS, a client who lives in Newport Beach and works in Costa Mesa forgot to take action. When payday came and he received his check, he was hit with a very big surprise. Expecting a check that would cover his kid’s school costs, his rent and his insurance payments, he opened the envelope to find that the IRS had taken most of the money. What was left was not enough to pay the bills.

Forced to borrow money with the realization that the wage garnishment was not about to stop, the man from Newport Beach called the Tax Resolution Institute for help to receive the best in tax resolution services. After all, until the tax owed is paid in full, wage garnishments will not stop, and the IRS does not care if you are having financial troubles. All they care about is getting paid the delinquent income tax that they are owed.

Costa Mesa Employer Forced To Garnish Wages

Costa Mesa Employer Forced To Garnish Wages

Once a wage garnishment is filed with an employer, the employer is required by law to collect a large percentage of each of the paychecks of the employee in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service. No matter how much you are liked at your workplace or how valuable you are to your boss, there is nothing he can do to help. In contrast, the Tax Resolution Institute has extensive experience helping delinquent taxpayers put a stop to wage garnishments and get their life back on track.

The tax attorneys at TRI are regularly retained to negotiate the release of IRS wage garnishments by arranging a payment plan that works for both you and the IRS. The payment plan negotiated is always more favorable than any IRS wage garnishment, giving you the freedom you need to move on with your life. Once again, the Newport Beach taxpayer will receive his whole paycheck from his Costa Mesa employer without fears of future wage garnishments.