Newport Beach Physicians Find Tax Relief And Begin Healing With An IRS Installment Agreement

As a successful married couple from Newport Beach in Orange County, two physicians not only lived together, but worked together as well. With a thriving family practice, a beautiful home overlooking the sea and two kids in the best private schools, they believed that nothing could go wrong. What did go wrong, however, is they failed to pay their income taxes and the IRS came after them. Owing close to $150,000 in back taxes and penalties and with an IRS Notice of Intent to Levy hanging over their heads, the couple knew they had to take immediate action. On the [...]

TRI Negotiates Installment Agreement For Irvine Public School Teacher With The California Franchise Tax Board

If you think the Internal Revenue Service is tough when it comes to delinquent income tax bills, you should try dealing with the California Franchise Tax Board and negotiating an Installment Agreement with them. The California FTB is going after delinquent income tax bills with a new ferocity given the lack of money in the state budget and California’s economic struggles. When an Irvine schoolteacher from Orange County found herself in serious tax trouble with the California FTB, she turned to the Tax Resolution Institute for help. To begin with, let’s be perfectly honest: In this day and [...]

Important Questions To Ask When Choosing A Tax Resolution Company

When you owe delinquent taxes, the trouble seems overwhelming. The IRS compounds interest on a daily basis. The challenge is how to find a tax resolution company that will solve your problem. Here is a list of key questions. The Tax Resolution Institute will be the prime example. Question 1: Do they offer a free consultation? Reputable companies examine your particulars before asking for money. How can they help you if they don’t know what the problem is? The Tax Resolution Institute offers a free consultation. Question 2: Are they respected within the industry? Are they a resource [...]

With An IRS Bank Levy Looming, Prominent Irvine Attorney Saved When TRI Negotiates Installment Agreement

Married with two young children, a prominent Irvine Attorney found himself in real trouble when he received a Notice of Intent to Levy by the IRS. With only 21 days to act before his bank accounts would be levied and his wages garnished, the partner at a major Irvine law firm needed to take immediate action. Not only would the IRS actions hurt him financially, his reputation would be damaged when his co-workers and community found out that he owed the IRS over $400,000 in delinquent income taxes. Although the Irvine Attorney brought in six figures a year [...]

Newport Beach Man Working In Costa Mesa Suffers Wage Garnishment By The IRS After Ignoring Levy Notice

Wage Garnishment In Newport Beach After receiving a notice of "Intent To Levy" from the IRS, a client who lives in Newport Beach and works in Costa Mesa forgot to take action. When payday came and he received his check, he was hit with a very big surprise. Expecting a check that would cover his kid’s school costs, his rent and his insurance payments, he opened the envelope to find that the IRS had taken most of the money. What was left was not enough to pay the bills. Forced to borrow money with the realization that the [...]