Los Angeles Camera and Lighting Equipment Rental Company Has Payroll Tax Crisis Resolved

Rental companies often find themselves in cash crunches when business becomes difficult, often leading to payroll tax problems and the need for tax resolution help. Since the film and television industries are based in Los Angeles, a major business for many decades has been the rental of camera, grip and lighting equipment for independent productions. Such companies seem to often experience payroll tax problems. Working with Unit Production Managers, a major production ren tal company located in the San Fernando Valley rents out millions of dollars worth of equipment to independent productions every year. In the last year, [...]

No Income Tax Goodfella: Director Martin Scorsese Hit With $2.85 Million Tax Lien By the Raging Bulls at the IRS

Traditional news media and online sources reported that Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese has been hit with a $2.85 million back-tax bill and tax lien by the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS believes that Scorsese owes the huge IRS tax bill for back income taxes and related interest and penalties. Don't forget that the interest on IRS delinquent tax debts are compounded daily. If you have been hit with a similar tax bill, contact the tax resolution services experts at the Tax Resolution Institute for help. Clearly, Martin Scorsese needs the very best in tax resolution services if he owes that much to [...]

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The Tax Resolution Institute Helps Orange County Staffing Agency Keep Doors Open After Payroll Tax Crisis

With the expansion into Orange County, the Tax Resolution Institute has encountered a number of companies experiencing severe payroll tax problems in a challenging economy that need tax resolution services. Stealing from Peter to pay Paul, these companies often dip into their employee's Trust Fund in order to cover payroll and a variety of unexpected expenses. Such a choice is often disastrous because the IRS considers the Trust Fund to be a legal responsibility of an employer, and they react to payroll tax cases with alarming swiftness and vigorous enforcement of penalties. Since the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty also is [...]

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IRS to Help Struggling Taxpayers, Making it Easier to Pay Delinquent Tax Debts and Avoid Tax Liens and Levies

In the past, the Tax Resolution Institute has referred to the Internal Revenue Service as the largest collection agency in the world that will go after your delinquent income tax debts without blinking. What is a positive development is that sometimes even mammoth bureaucracies recognize the signs of the times and offer help in a recession. Seeing the how many American taxpayers are truly struggling, the Internal Revenue Service has announced new policies designed to help them meet their tax obligations, pay back taxes, and avoid tax liens and wage garnishments. The IRS also plans to forgive the back tax debts [...]

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