Help With Tax Resolution Services: 4 Key Points To Remember When Being Audited By The IRS

Without question, the Internal Revenue Service is increasing the number of audits of American taxpayers every year, and the number of audits has risen every year for the past decade. With the country experiencing a budget crisis and with over 1,000 new IRS agents and auditors recently hired, additional funds have been earmarked for tax enforcement in 2011. Since the tax resolution experts at the Tax Resolution Institute have extensive experience working with the IRS, we know how to help you if you experience such a difficult situation. More IRS Income Tax Audits In 2011 It is true [...]

The Start of Income Tax Filing and Processing in 2011: New Tax Credits and Information to Benefit Clients

If you were waiting to file your income taxes, you do not have to wait any longer. The IRS opened the door on February 14, 2011 - Valentine’s Day - for the processing of Schedule A forms, which are used to itemize your deductions. The IRS held off accepting these forms from taxpayers for the first part of the year because it was updating its software after the 2010 Tax Relief Act was passed late in December. For the procrastinators, taxpayers will have the luxury of time with a few extra days to file this year. The filing [...]

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IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman Announces Reduced Penalties if International Tax Evaders Come Forward

International tax evaders who have hidden funds in international accounts will be able to avoid jail and pay reduced fines if they come forward and pay their delinquent federal income taxes. Under a new voluntary disclosure program announce by IRS Commissioner Dough Shulman, the Internal Revenue Service will allow international income tax evaders to avoid possible jail sentences and even stiffer penalties. The Tax Resolution Institute will help any possible candidates for this offer to see if this is their best choice to achieve true tax resolution for their unpaid tax debts. They key is finding a tax relief solution [...]

Don’t Let It Happen To You: TRI Helps A Successful Woman With An IRS Tax Levy And Wage Garnishment

If you have a tax problem with the IRS, it is essential not to take a wishful thinking approach, hoping your tax problem will just go away and sticking your head in the sand like an ostrich. The Tax Resolution Institute can help you resolve your delinquent income tax debt and unfiled tax returns problem, but only if you contact us and take action. If you ignore the multiple IRS letters that are sent to you and disregard an IRS tax lien placed on your accounts and assets, a difficult tax problem quickly will go from bad to worse with [...]

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2011 IRS Audit Warning: Business Owners Targeted For Both Worker Misclassification And Unpaid Payroll Taxes

With business audits rapidly increasing in a difficult economy, the IRS is cracks down on the misclassification of workers. In order to protect themselves and the future profitability of the businesses, business owners need to know the regulations and their rights in order to avoid employment tax audits that are expensive and dangerous. The Tax Resolution Institute has helped numerous business owners avoid this potential deadly pitfall and save themselves a costly headache with the Internal Revenue Service. Any attempt to avoid payroll taxes by misclassifying full-time workers as independent contractors is a big mistake for any business. [...]

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