The IRS Begins The 2011 Tax Season Hardcore, Filing Tax Liens Against and Going After High Profile Individuals

Certainty of Death & Taxes and the IRS Wants You Alive and Paying The Internal Revenue Service began the 2011 tax season hardcore by going after the tax debts of several well-known celebrities with tax liens while continuing to punish the financially compromised and distressed middle-class. With the country still in economic crisis, IRS Revenue Officers are focusing on the collection of delinquent income taxes with a renewed vigor. Rappers and actors seem particularly to be under the microscope of IRS collections enforcement. The Tax Resolution Institute believes that most high profile individuals and celebrities get in trouble [...]

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A Hard Truth: Payroll Tax Cut Provides Zero Relief For Business Owners In Trouble And Hurts the Poor

Secretary Treasury Tim Geithner is leading an Administration effort to publicize in glowing terms the tax cut deal passed by Congress and signed by the President during the lame duck session in December. The Tax Resolution Institute wishes that the payroll tax cut actually was a positive that was going to help troubled business owners in a payroll tax crisis and impoverished workers, but it is not. Geithner claims that 159 million workers will benefit from the payroll tax cut, and there’s no reason to doubt him on that point. But the analysis suffers because it avoids the two [...]

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Important Payroll Tax Update – The Implications of the New Tax Relief Bill of 2010 on Companies and Individuals

The Tax Resolution Institute always stays on top of the latest developments in tax laws, particularly when it comes to shifts in Payroll Tax policy that can alter the bottom line of  your business. If you know what is happening in advance, you are better able to adapt to the shifts in policy. At the end of 2010, President Obama signed into law the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Act of 2010.  The bill’s total cost to the US Treasury is $858 billion. Individual taxpayers will receive the bulk of the benefit as the bill targets some [...]

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