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Why TRI Offers An Unconditional Guarantee? — Tax Scam Warning In LA Times Reflects Tax Industry In Trouble

The Tax Resolution Institute has been making a point of addressing directly the scams of and the complaints against the tax resolution industry. With the closing of American Tax Relief in Beverly Hills by the FTC at the beginning of October and the $35 million dollar lawsuit brought on by the California Attorney General against Roni Deutch, the Tax Resolution Institute is attempting to help clean up the image of a necessary and effective, yet besieged business. A simple fact is that if an American taxpayer is in trouble with the IRS, the help of a tax professional to resolve a delinquent tax debt becomes an essential asset on their road to legitimate resolution.

Tax Resolution Scam Alert

Tax Resolution Scam Alert

Every week in the Sunday Business Section in in the Los Angeles Times, there is a part of the “Money & Company” section called “Your Weekly Scam Watch” that tracks dangerous and illegal trends that potentially can shape your finances. On October 24, 2010, the second entry in the weekly compilation is quoted below in its entirety:

Beware of tax scam — Taxpayers should beware of scammers who are attempting to fraudulently coerce people into paying past-due taxes that they do not know they owe, the California State Board of Equalization said. The Internal Revenue Service and California tax collectors do not send e-mail to notify taxpayers of overdue taxes, the board said in a news release. Taxpayers should discard such e-mails and not follow any of the links, the agency cautioned.

The troubled nature of the tax resolution industry has allowed these Internet vultures to swoop down and take advantage of American taxpayers in trouble, taking a bad situation and making it that much worse. These e-mail scammers are nothing less than criminals on the level of the Nigerian scam artists that dominated the Internet in the early to middle part of this past decade. The reason such scammers exist is because American Tax Relief and Roni Deutch opened the door wide to such abuse by perpetuating their own scams and damaging the integrity of an important American financial service.

Diagnosis First, Treatment Second

Diagnosis First, Treatment Second

Let’s be perfectly clear — taking your money before we examine your tax case and explain what we will attempt to accomplish will not happen with the Tax Resolution Institute. Unlike these scandalous competitors, the Tax Resolution Institute does not only do treatment, but diagnosis as well. We diagnose the problem and apply the correct tax strategies that will work in your individual case. Unlike these scammers who are just Internet criminals and most other tax resolution companies, TRI will not take your money until we have determined that we actually can help you. Contact TRI today at (877) 829-8370 and find out the truth for yourself.

The Tax Resolution Institute Offers The First 100% Unconditional Guarantee To New Clients

The Tax Resolution Institute offers the first 100% Unconditional Guarantee to new clients. In response to the FTC’s closing Of American Tax Relief, the Tax Resolution industry must deliver on its promises. With American Tax Relief closed, Peter Stephan steps up as a representative of the Tax Resolution Industry with a 100% money back guarantee.

Led by founder Peter Stephan, the Tax Resolution Institute has decided to clean up the national reputation of the tax resolution industry. Scandalous tax resolution companies have hurt too many American citizens. In response, Peter Stephan has stated in no uncertain terms, “The Tax Resolution Institute will only take money from people we can help. After our initial evaluation, once we tell a client what we are going to accomplish with their income tax or payroll tax case, we will do it. We offer the first money back guarantee in the industry because we know we can do the job.”

American Tax Relief Closed

American Tax Relief Shut Down For Tax Scams

The Tax Resolution Institute is responding to recent scandals that have tarnished the reputation of their industry. The FTC shut the doors of American Tax Relief in Beverly Hills, declaring in a Federal lawsuit that over 20,000 Americans had been cheated out of $100 million dollars. Advertisements claimed American Tax Relief could settle back tax bills for pennies on the dollar. David C. Vladeck, director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, explained, “They strung people along, pushed them deeper into a financial hole. The game is over. They’ve been shut down.”

The American Tax Relief Scandal follows the alleged tax scams by Roni Deutch. California Attorney General Jerry Brown currently is suing Roni Deutch for over $34 million dollars. The state lawsuit is the result of numerous violations of and complaints by aggrieved American taxpayers.

As a result, the reputations of highly regarded tax resolution companies have been damaged. Peter Stephan has chosen to offer the first money back guarantee in the tax resolution industry. The Tax Resolution Institute has a positive record with no online complaints.

The tax scams need to come to an end, and the integrity of the tax resolution industry needs to be restored. The Tax Resolution Institute represents its clients effectively and professionally. As Peter Stephan states: “At the Tax Resolution Institute, we tell you what we are going to do, and we do it, period! If you are not satisfied with our services, if we do not obtain the results that we have agreed to with you we will refund 100% of your money.”

FTC Shut Downs American Tax Relief In Beverly Hills For Tax Resolution Scams That Hurt American Citizens

American Tax Relief cheated over 20,000 American citizens and innocent consumers out of $100 million dollars, the FTC declared in a Federal lawsuit. The company’s TV, radio and Internet ads claimed it could quickly settle Federal and State delinquent tax bills for pennies on the dollar while actually doing practically nothing beyond stealing money and compounding back tax problems, leading to a bevy of tax resolution complaints.

FTC Closes Down American Tax Relief For Tax Resolution Scams

FTC Closes American Tax Relief In Beverly Hills

Like Roni Deutch who is being sued by the California Attorney General Jerry Brown for over $34 million dollars in response to tax complaints and JK Harris who had to pay $1.5 million dollars in restitution to angry taxpayers in Illinois in 2008, the American Tax Relief scam damages both the trust of the American consumer and the reputations of reputable Tax Resolution firms.  Unlike the American Tax Relief Fraud and tax resolution complaints against these firms, the Tax Resolution Institute has a positive record with no  complaints and effective and efficient tax resolution services offered.

On Wednesday, the FTC said that  American Tax Relief, used TV, radio and Internet advertising to lure consumers by falsely claiming that it could settle their delinquent federal and state taxes for far less than they owed. Among other promises, American Tax Relief claimed it could remove tax liens and stop wage garnishments, bank and tax levies, property seizures and “unbearable monthly payments.” The FTC sued husband-and-wife owners Alexander Seung Hahn and Joo Hyun Park, who allegedly ran the operation since at least 1999, charging upfront fees of up to $25,000. A Chicago judge issued a temporary restraining order against American Tax Relief, freezing the owners’ assets, and a receiver was appointed to manage the company.

Park and Hahn raked in more than $60 million from the scheme and lived lavishly in multimillion-dollar homes while driving seven luxury cars, including two Porsches and a Ferrari.  American Tax Relief, however, failed to pay its own taxes and had its California business license suspended last year. David C. Vladeck, director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, expalined. “They strung people along, pushed them deeper into a financial hole. The game is over. They’ve been shut down.” Regulators are hoping to force the company to pay restitution to its victims.

American Tax Relief Scam Hurts U.S. Taxpayers

American Tax Relief Scam Hurts U.S. Taxpayers

Consumers have filled several online forums with tax relief complaints, claiming American Tax Relief stopped answering their calls after they sent in thousands of dollars in fees or it charged their credit cards without authorization. In addition, American Tax Relief representatives were aggressive and threatening. The website at is now blank except for a message about the lawsuit that redirects visitors to the FTC website.

The mission of the Tax Resolution Institute, Inc. is to represent its clients effectively and professionally. If we do not trust the integrity of an individual or a case, we will not take on a new client. The Tax Resolution Institute, Inc. is not some “fly by night” sales driven—scam artist tax resolution company.

TRI helps our clients in distress to find workable solutions to their back tax debt problems with State and Federal authorities. If we can help you, we will, but if we can’t help you, we will not lie to you and we will not worsen your tax crisis by taking your money under false pretenses. The tax scams of companies like American Tax Relief must come to an end. At the Tax Resolution Institute, we perform professional and consistent tax resolution services to achieve real tax relief for you.

If you need tax resolution help, contact the Tax Resolution Institute today. Call toll free (877) 829-8370 and request a free consultation.

Tax Resolution Services Help Protect “Old Money” In Westchester When IRS Income Tax Debt Looms

In Westchester County in New York where “old money” refers to some of the country’s oldest and wealthiest family lines, Tax Resolution Services to protect from IRS Revenue Officers in relation to back income tax debts are not supposed to be needed or ever required. After all, it is almost a scandal when “old money” runs dry even in the shadow of a recession. Even in an economy where turning assets liquid without taking a ridiculous loss has become more and more challenging, New York-based Westchester families with business ventures usually in Manhattan are called on to bear the difficulties and chin up.

Income Tax Debt In Westchester County

Income Tax Debt in Westchester

When an “old money” Westchester family known for its sterling reputation and deep pockets found itself in serious back income tax trouble with the IRS, they chose to turn to the Tax Resolution Services of the Tax Resolution Institute for help. Since the Tax Resolution Institute respects the privacy and protects the anonymity of our clients, we always take clear steps to ensure that safeguards are in place to guarantee these qualities and protect reputations. If a description of a client’s case is vague, the reason is because we are making sure that their anonymity and privacy are protected. High profile individuals, families and companies deserve the freedom of resolving their tax resolution problems under the radar and out of the public eye.

Tax Resolution Services in Westchester County, New York

Tax Resolution Services in Westchester County

With investments spread across the board with several brokerage houses in Manhattan, a scion of a Westchester “old money” family found himself hit hard by the stock market drop and the brokerage house crisis of 2008. On account of the bundled real estate mortgage securities, his recent profitable ventures went spiraling downwards, leading to serious IRS income tax problems. Although it looked like on paper that he was still extremely wealthy, a good portion of the liquid assets had devalued and vanished in the crash. Suddenly, he was forced to confront an income tax bill that simply could not be paid on account of a lack of liquid assets. Putting off the payment until the market took a turn for the better and failing to negotiate with the Revenue Officer at the IRS, the wealthy individual turned a bad situation into a potential financial disaster for himself and his family’s reputation.

Coming to the Tax Resolution Institute, we were able to provide him with tax resolution services through the combination of an Offer In Compromise to cover a vast portion of the income tax debt while negotiating a short-lived Installment Agreement for the rest of the amount owed. With a decent payment upfront and the promise of the ongoing payments, the IRS Revenue Officer backed away from the threat of a public tax lien and a potential tax levy. By protecting the family’s reputation and working out a positive negotiation with the IRS, the Tax Resolution Institute provided future safety and security for an “old money” Westchester County family in New York.


Tax Resolution Bailout As New York Brokerage House In Manhattan Accumulates Massive IRS Payroll Tax Debt

In a bailout of completely different proportions from the Wall Street recession bailouts, a New York Brokerage House in Manhattan received a tax resolution type of bailout after accumulating massive IRS payroll tax debt. When times got tough and profits were squeezed dry, the human resources managers of the brokerage house dipped into the IRS Trust Fund to cover expenses.

Believing the tide would turn in the stock market, they were overwhelmed when the economic downturn continued to deepen. Rather than paying back the trust fund debt and covering the past payroll taxes, they continued to make the same mistake, turning an IRS tax crisis into what could have been a full blown payroll tax disaster as the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty came close to sinking the brokerage house.

New York City Payroll Tax Debt In Manhattan

New York City Payroll Tax Debt In Manhattan

Luckily, before a serious payroll tax debt problem became an all-out economic for whom the bell tolls, the principal owners and investors at the brokerage house came to the Tax Resolution Institute for help. By taking action before the IRS axe fell and they were caught in the vise of the 100% Trust Fund Recovery Penalty, they were able to find a new kind of bailout — a tax resolution bailout not from the federal government, but from the tax experts at the Tax Resolution Institute. By negotiating with the IRS Revenue Officers to avoid potential crippling actions through the negotiation of a deal that covered the owed amount, but wiped away the compounded interest and Trust Fund Recovery Penalty.

Tax Resolution Services Bailout Of Wall Street Firm

Tax Resolution Services Bailout Of Wall Street Firm

When a company fails to pay Payroll Taxes, they suddenly have to deal with the largest and most powerful collection agency in the world. In many Payroll Tax cases, the Internal Revenue Service employs what are defined as Cascading Penalties. A Cascading Penalty means that if the brokerage house in Manhattan only missed a single Payroll Tax deposit, and then make all remaining deposits on time, the IRS still applies the next week’s deposit to the missed deposit and continues to apply payments going forward.

Failure to file a return on time can incur penalties of 5% per month to a maximum of 25%. Add that to other penalties, along with the compounded interest, the New York brokerage house suddenly had a tremendous tax debt that could bankrupt a once thriving Wall Street firm. Payroll tax problems can sink a once thriving business and need to be addressed immediately.