Why TRI Offers An Unconditional Guarantee? — Tax Scam Warning In LA Times Reflects Tax Industry In Trouble

The Tax Resolution Institute has been making a point of addressing directly the scams of and the complaints against the tax resolution industry. With the closing of American Tax Relief in Beverly Hills by the FTC at the beginning of October and the $35 million dollar lawsuit brought on by the California Attorney General against Roni Deutch, the Tax Resolution Institute is attempting to help clean up the image of a necessary and effective, yet besieged business. A simple fact is that if an American taxpayer is in trouble with the IRS, the help of a tax professional to resolve [...]

The Tax Resolution Institute Offers The First 100% Unconditional Guarantee To New Clients

The Tax Resolution Institute offers the first 100% Unconditional Guarantee to new clients. In response to the FTC’s closing Of American Tax Relief, the Tax Resolution industry must deliver on its promises. With American Tax Relief closed, Peter Stephan steps up as a representative of the Tax Resolution Industry with a 100% money back guarantee. Led by founder Peter Stephan, the Tax Resolution Institute has decided to clean up the national reputation of the tax resolution industry. Scandalous tax resolution companies have hurt too many American citizens. In response, Peter Stephan has stated in no uncertain terms, “The Tax Resolution [...]

FTC Shut Downs American Tax Relief In Beverly Hills For Tax Resolution Scams That Hurt American Citizens

American Tax Relief cheated over 20,000 American citizens and innocent consumers out of $100 million dollars, the FTC declared in a Federal lawsuit. The company's TV, radio and Internet ads claimed it could quickly settle Federal and State delinquent tax bills for pennies on the dollar while actually doing practically nothing beyond stealing money and compounding back tax problems, leading to a bevy of tax resolution complaints. Like Roni Deutch who is being sued by the California Attorney General Jerry Brown for over $34 million dollars in response to tax complaints and JK Harris who had to pay [...]

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Tax Resolution Services Help Protect “Old Money” In Westchester When IRS Income Tax Debt Looms

In Westchester County in New York where "old money" refers to some of the country's oldest and wealthiest family lines, Tax Resolution Services to protect from IRS Revenue Officers in relation to back income tax debts are not supposed to be needed or ever required. After all, it is almost a scandal when "old money" runs dry even in the shadow of a recession. Even in an economy where turning assets liquid without taking a ridiculous loss has become more and more challenging, New York-based Westchester families with business ventures usually in Manhattan are called on to bear the difficulties [...]

Tax Resolution Bailout As New York Brokerage House In Manhattan Accumulates Massive IRS Payroll Tax Debt

In a bailout of completely different proportions from the Wall Street recession bailouts, a New York Brokerage House in Manhattan received a tax resolution type of bailout after accumulating massive IRS payroll tax debt. When times got tough and profits were squeezed dry, the human resources managers of the brokerage house dipped into the IRS Trust Fund to cover expenses. Believing the tide would turn in the stock market, they were overwhelmed when the economic downturn continued to deepen. Rather than paying back the trust fund debt and covering the past payroll taxes, they continued to make the same mistake, [...]

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