The Tax Resolution Institute Helps San Francisco Serial Entrepreneur With IRS Tax Debt Relief

When a Serial Entrepreneur in San Francisco found himself over-extended due to the recent recession and with serious IRS back debt due to back taxes owed, he came to the Tax Resolution Institute to save both his personal fortune and his reputation. By taking what could have turned into a major public and personal tax debt disaster with an IRS tax lien and eventual IRS tax levy, the tax resolution specialists at TRI, including our experienced IRS tax attorneys and IRS tax lawyers, were able to negotiate a combination of both an Offer in Compromise and an Installment Agreement to [...]

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New Jersey Payroll Tax Debt Solved After Newark Fish Market Falls Behind On IRS Payroll Tax Debt

Providing tax relief services and payroll tax solutions to businesses across the country, the Tax Resolution Institute is proud when our tax experts are able to keep the doors open of a once thriving business in Newark, New Jersey by averting a serious payroll tax problem with the IRS. In tough economic times, companies across the United States are finding themselves in a financial tax squeeze, unable to avoid dipping their hands in the trust fund owed to the IRS in order to cover outstanding debts and immediate costs. What most company owners do not understand is that playing with [...]

Helping Silicon Valley — Tax Relief Services In San Francisco, Santa Clara, Palo Alto & San Jose

As the California economy slowly rebounds from the worst of the recent recession, many individuals in Silicon Valley find themselves with serious income tax problems and in need of expert tax relief services. From San Francisco to Santa Clara, Palo Alto to San Jose, a multitude of high tech workers and entrepreneurs suffered an extreme economic crunch, resulting in deferred bonuses, lower commissions, and lost jobs. As a result, when tax time came around, there was no money saved to pay the IRS and tax problems arose. If you are in a tax crisis and want to rebound with the [...]

Payroll Tax Problem Solved In California — San Diego General Contractor Keeps Building!

In a challenging California economy, TRI realizes that general contractors have found their work schedules shortened and the best jobs more competitive to bid on. After thriving in the first part of the decade, many of these companies have been forced to make tough decisions in order to keep their doors opens and the profits flowing. Recently, a major San Diego general contractor approached the Tax Resolution Institute because the recent difficulties had led to poor decisions in regards to unpaid payroll taxes that placed their future in jeopardy with IRS Revenue Officers. When crunch time came and bills needed [...]

Payroll Taxes In California (1099 vs. W2): IRS Payroll Tax Consequences of Tax Misclassification

In a challenging economy, the Tax Resolution Institute has seen companies attempt to cut costs by choosing to distinguish workers as 1099 independent contractors instead of W2 employees. If IRS and state guidelines are not followed, however, business owners can find themselves in a world of trouble. As a result, since Payroll Tax Problems can be so extreme, the Tax Resolution Institute wants to help you clarify this situation. We will provide you with the information you need to make the right decision that will help you avoid the payroll tax problems of misclassification. The choice between 1099 [...]