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Helping California Companies In Crisis — Tax Resolution Services and Solutions to Payroll Tax Problems

In a challenging economy in the United States and specifically in the state of California, a multitude of small to mid-sized companies have found themselves in a fiscal crisis as accounts dry up and clients cut back on spending. During such an economic crunch, payrolls still have to be paid and the cost of doing business still has to be covered. In light of such month-to-month responsibilities, many business owners find themselves dipping into the trust fund portion of their employee’s paychecks, proverbially stealing from Peter to pay Paul.

Payroll Taxes And The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

Payroll Taxes And Trust Fund Recovery

In light of the 100% Trust Fund Recovery Penalty and the severity of IRS payroll tax payment monitoring and retribution, such foolish survival instincts often lead directly to the downfall of a multitude of once thriving businesses throughout the state of California. If you have made this critical error in order to keep your business running and are behind in your Payroll Tax payments, please contact the payroll tax experts at the Tax Resolution Institute before it is too later. Our focus is to make sure your doors stay open as we negotiate with the IRS on your behalf, keeping your business viable.

When the big bankers on Wall Street who received huge government bailouts proclaim the recession to be over, they are far away from the everyday reality of small to mid-sized businesses on the West Coast. Particularly in California from San Diego to Silicon Valley, the economic crunch is tightening as weeks turn into months and months turn into years. When a once successful company faces such economic turmoil, it is not surprising that a business owner would cover necessary expenses with the IRS Trust Fund portion of their employee’s checks. In addition, such employers also tend to dip into the state portion of the trust fund as well, finding themselves in deep waters with the California Employment Development Department.

The California Economic Crisis Hurts Business

The California Economic Crisis Hurts Business

The Tax Resolution Institute understands that such survival choices are not criminal acts, but a type of fortitude and endurance in the face of real economic crisis. Believing that things are getting better and listening to the prognostications of Wall Street, many business owners temporarily choose to violate the Trust Fund, believing they will have the money to make their IRS deposits as business improves. When business does not improve, perhaps even worsening, they find themselves caught in the vise of a payroll tax crisis. If you are experiencing such inordinate pressure, the time to take action is now before it is too late. Ignoring such an extreme problem will not make it go away, even if you have yet to be contacted by the IRS. Sooner or later, the IRS will figure out what is going on and take extreme action. As the largest collection agency in the world, the IRS never forgets so contact us today.

Tax Resolution Services Scams and Complaints Result in “Tax Lady” Roni Deutch Being Sued For $34 Million

According to ABC News and the Associated Press, California Attorney General Jerry Brown is suing the “Tax Lady” Roni Deutch for more than $34 million, alleging that her law firm regularly violates state law by making false promises that it will help people resolve large debts and IRS tax problems with the Internal Revenue Service. Attorney General Jerry Brown contends that Deutch’s TV claims of winning a vast majority of tax battles for her clients with the IRS are false.

Lawsuit Filed Against Roni Deutch

Lawsuit Against Roni Deutch

On her website and in the commercials, Deutch advertises a success rate of up to 99 percent, yet successfully reduces the amount of money her clients owe in taxes in just 10 percent of cases, the lawsuit says. As tax resolution specialists that wants to protect American taxpayers from such fraudulent claims, the Tax Resolution Institute wants you to have the information necessary to protect you from such potentially damaging tax resolution scams.

As a staple of late night television, Roni Deutch promises to settle IRS tax problems for “pennies on the dollar.” With a smile and a swagger, Deutch tells viewers that she knows how to deal with the IRS and can deliver the results you need. As proof, Deutch presents an array of happy customers who owed crippling debts to the IRS of many thousands of dollars. Luckily, they contacted Deutch, and she was able to save them from ruin by reducing their debt.

Like most late night infomercials, it turns out that the promise made by Roni Deutch are too good to be true in the vast majority of cases. California Attorney General Jerry Brown sued Deutch this week for fraud and $34 million dollars. In the California lawsuit, the state alleges that Deutch mislead clients and overstated the number of positive tax debt resolutions, leading to a bevy of tax resolution services complaints and accusations of tax resolution services scams. In addition, the law firm of Roni Deutch is accused of running up client fees by false billing and engaging in “unfair competition while victimizing thousands of people in California and elsewhere.

“She promises to significantly reduce their IRS tax debts, but instead preys on their vulnerability, taking large up-front payments but providing little or no help in lowering their tax bills,” said Attorney General Jerry Brown, the Democratic nominee for governor in the November election. For instance, the lawsuit says one ad portrays three clients she purportedly helped save a collective $86,000. However, it turns out that all three still owe their taxes plus interest and penalties. Although Deutch won the three clients a delay from IRS collection efforts, she did not provide them with effective tax resolution. In addition, delays brought about by her firm drive up her fees while often increasing the interest and penalties her clients owe the IRS, the complaint alleges. It also accuses her of creating false billings to justify fees that are often higher than originally promised.

In response, Deutch claims that Brown is using her to score political points for the coming election for Governor in California and that she is innocent. However, when you Google her name, “Roni Deutch scam” comes up second and “Roni Deutch complaints” comes up fourth in the suggested search term list. Without question, her firm has an extensive history of complaints by disgruntled clients who felt they were cheated and misrepresented.

Tax Scam Investigated

Tax Scam Investigated

In contrast, the Tax Resolution Institute has cautioned the American taxpayer about the importance of steering clear of tax relief firms that make extravagant claims in relation to actually solving IRS tax problems. Unlike the Tax Resolution Institute, most tax relief offered to the American taxpayer is mere diagnosis and not effective treatment. If someone is offering you a story that sounds too good to be true, in the vast majority of cases, a red signal flag should pop up in your head. When the IRS is knocking at your door, you need more than promises: you need effective treatment for your tax problem.

When you choose a tax resolution specialist to handle your case, make sure that you ask specific questions up front. In addition, do the necessary research, using Google to your advantage. When you talk to a potential tax resolution representative, make sure the tax resolution services you are going to receive are clearly laid out and explained. This is the beginning of ensuring your future financial safety.

You should know the identity of the tax relief professional that will handle your tax case throughout the tax resolution process. Such a tax relief professional should be responsive to your questions and keep you informed along the way. If the specifications of the tax resolution process are not clearly lined out, you could find yourself strapped not only with your original tax debt, accrued interest and penalties, but with additional fees for services not rendered.

At the Tax Resolution Institute, we go over your tax case carefully to make sure that you qualify for an IRS tax settlement. We want to protect the American taxpayer from tax resolution services scams and tax resolution services complaints. The goal of the Tax Resolution Institute is to provide the very best in tax resolution services to our clients. If you need tax resolution help, contact our tax resolution experts today.

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IRS Focuses On Questionable Employment Payroll Tax Practices While Raising Awareness Of Potential Payroll Tax Schemes

The Tax Resolution Institute has seen how quickly payroll tax problems can take down a once thriving business. As a result, we try to build awareness of the potential bad practices with payroll tax administration that can lead to problems. The Internal Revenue Service issued a consumer alert that covered a variety of schemes where federal payroll taxes are not properly withheld or paid by employers from their employees’ paychecks. If you hit this link, the ENTIRE ARTICLE which is summarized below can be read in full at the website, a first-class resource for tax questions and issues.

IRS Logo For the Website

IRS Logo For the Website

There are many reasons employers choose not to withhold or pay payroll taxes. For some, it may be an attempt to use the government as a bank to ‘borrow the money for a short while’ with good intentions to pay it back later. For others, it may be a situation where an employer collects the taxes and elects to keep it during a period of financial difficulty rather than pay it to the IRS. For a small number, it involves philosophical differences with the tax law of the United States that courts consistently reject. Regardless of the reason, federal law requires employment tax withholding and payment by employers.

Payroll taxes consist of federal income tax withholding along with Social Security and Medicare taxes and unemployment taxes. Also, many states have withholding requirements for various employment related taxes, such as contributions to a worker’s compensation fund. Improper reporting or payment of payroll taxes affects the ease with which employees can claim future benefits from these programs.

The IRS takes a variety of steps to combat payroll tax non-compliance. The agency has a number of civil actions it can take like audits and filing tax liens against property the taxpayer owns. In addition to civil actions, IRS Criminal Investigation investigates and refers for prosecution individuals and businesses that have willfully attempted to avoid filing and paying payroll taxes. These efforts have led to significant criminal convictions resulting in incarceration and fines. The IRS urges all businesses to resist the temptation to become involved in or victimized by unlawful activities in regards to payroll taxes.

Payroll Tax Schemes Will Not Go Unnoticed By The IRS

Payroll Tax Schemes Will Be Uncovered By The IRS

The 4 Most Common Types of Payroll Tax Non-Compliance Include:

1) Misclassifying Employment Status — Sometimes employers incorrectly treat employees as independent contractors to avoid paying payroll taxes. Generally if the payer has the right to control what work will be done and how it will be done, the worker is an employee. Employers who misclassify employees as independent contractors (and are not eligible for relief under Section 530 of the Revenue Act of 1978) will be liable for the payroll taxes on wages paid to the misclassified worker and subject to penalties. If you have taken such action, contact the tax experts at the Tax Resolution Institute today.

2) Paying Employees in Cash — Paying employees in whole or partially in cash is a common method of evading income and payroll taxes. There is nothing wrong with compensating an employee in cash, but payroll taxes are owed regardless of how the employees are paid. And the IRS will build its case using all available information even if there are no payroll records or checks.

3) Pyramiding — “Pyramiding” of payroll taxes is a fraudulent practice where a business withholds taxes from its employees but intentionally fails to remit them to the IRS. An often cause is a lack of profit or capital for operating costs, so the business owner uses the trust funds to pay other liabilities. The quarterly payroll tax liabilities accumulate (or “pyramid”) until the employer has little hope of catching up. Businesses involved in pyramiding frequently shut down or file for bankruptcy and then start a new business under a different name starting the cycle over.

4) Unreliable Third Party Payers — There are two primary categories of third party payers – Payroll Service Providers and Professional Employer Organizations. Payroll Service Providers typically perform services for employers such as filing payroll tax returns and making payroll tax payments. Professional Employer Organizations offer employee leasing meaning that they handle administrative, personnel, and payroll accounting functions for employees who have been leased to other companies that use their services. Many of these companies provide outstanding services to employers. Unfortunately, in some instances, such companies have failed to pay over to the IRS the collected payroll taxes. Employers are urged to exercise due diligence in selecting and monitoring a third party payer. When choosing a third party payer, employers should look for one that is reputable and uses the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS). This allows the business owner to verify payments made on their behalf.

Employers must report payroll taxes withheld from their employees on Form 941, Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return. Employers are also responsible for filing Form 940, Employer’s Annual Federal Unemployment Tax Return. Payment of payroll taxes must be made to an authorized bank or financial institution according to federal tax deposit requirements.

If you are having problems with your payroll taxes or your company has been caught up in one of the above bad practices, please contact the Tax Resolution Institute so we can offer Tax Resolution Services and a possible answer to your payroll tax problem today.

California’s New Gross Receipts Fee On LLCs Leads To Tax Problems In San Jose (Silicon Valley) And San Diego

In 2010, California has instituted a new tax fee that is based on LLC’s “Total Income” in the state. In addition to the annual $800 minimum franchise tax fee imposed on every California Corporation and every California Limited Liability Company, this second “Gross Receipts Tax” is imposed on every California LLC, but not on California corporations. Yes, that is absolutely the truth.

In the tough economic climate of California, a LLC must pay a second additional tax on its gross revenues. Since tax problems with California and tax problems with the IRS are becoming more common for California businesses, the Tax Resolution Institute believes that this additional fee will only hurt the productivity and profitability of working in the state. When businesses are crunched like LLCs will be by the gross receipts fee, cutting corners with payroll taxes is often the next dangerous step taken.

The gross receipts tax on a California limited liability company is as follows:

LLC Fee California “Total Income”
$900. $250,000 or more, but less than $500,000
$2,500. $500,000 or more, but less than $1,000,000
$6,000 $1,000,000 or more, but less than $5,000,000
$11,790 $5,000,000 or more


Since most businesses need to generate at least $250,000 in gross receipts just to break even, the California LLC will have to pay a higher franchise tax than a California corporation. Whether the LLC is operating at a real loss, it will not matter. By contrast, no California corporation is subject to a gross receipts tax. Like most other forms of businesses (sole proprietorships, partnerships, trusts), a California corporation only pays tax on its net taxable income (with the exception of California’s state minimum franchise tax of $800 which is applied toward the taxes owed).

LLCs — An Essential Part Of A Healthy Economy

LLCs — An Essential Part Of A Healthy Economy

As a result, LLCs with tax challenges are leaving the state, rather than paying the additional taxes. Following in the footsteps of larger companies, many LLCs, ranging from San Jose to San Diego, are discovering that other states will offer them tax breaks and support that California has chosen to rescind.

For example, the experience of Genentech, a large biotech company with a plant in Oceanside, underscores the need for the tax credits, according to supporters. Frustrated with California’s tax laws, Genentech expanded in Oregon, bringing a $400 million facility and 300 jobs to Hillsboro despite having available land in California. Oregon offered some of the same tax breaks California did not have at the time and may now repeal. “California’s tax structure didn’t support in-state growth,” said Caroline Pecquet, a Genentech spokeswoman.

California Gross Receipts Fee On LLCs Bad For The Economy

Gross Receipts Fee On LLCs Is Bad For California

Realizing that the state tax laws are hurting industry expansion, the Los Angeles City Council recently voted 10 to 0 to waive the business tax for the next three years for companies that move into the city and receive more than $500,000 in yearly gross receipts. The council also extended an existing tax break for new, smaller businesses until Dec. 31, 2012. Backers of the proposal, including Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, said they expected the changes to create 55,000 jobs and prevent new businesses from choosing other cities over Los Angeles and other states over California despite the tax resolution problems in the state.

The Tax Resolution Institute agrees with the decision by the Los Angeles City Council to waive business taxes and disagrees with the new gross receipts fee instituted by the state on LLCs. The health of Limited Liability Corporations is essential for California’s future. As a result, the Tax Resolution Institute is here to provide the best in tax resolution services and payroll tax relief with the Employment Development Department to LLCs. We want to keep the new business ventures in state where they belong.

Rise In California Taxes Threatens Business Owners In Orange County And Irvine

Business owners and entrepreneurs in Orange County and Irvine find themselves in survival mode because they expect higher taxes. Increase in California personal income tax rates also increases the tax burden on these business owners. A perfect example is the $800 minimum tax on all corporations, partnerships and LLCs doing business in California. Even if they are losing money, business owners have to cover this cost, often leading to payroll tax problems and the cutting of corners. In a challenging economic climate, does this make sense?

California Tax Bear Chasing Away Business in Orange County and Irvine

California Tax Bear Chasing Away Business in Orange County

The California Franchise Tax Board and the Employment Development Department are squeezing the life out of business owners in Orange County and Irvine. The Tax Resolution Institute understands why business owners have serious California tax problems, and we want to help you find real tax resolution. Why does it seem like the bear on the California State Flag is coming after the business owners that allowed California to flourish in the first place?

A successful business owner in Fountain Valley explained his frustration with doing business in the state: “California has the highest state taxes in the country, so it’s not hard to move to Nevada or Arizona and cut your state taxes in half, which can save you a lot of money to hire more employees and grow your business.” The deficit in the California state budget reflects countless layers of unneeded government bureaucracy and unions, including both the California Franchise Tax Board, the Employment Development Department and the Board of Equalization. Business owners in Orange County and Irvine agree that their tax burden seems to be paying for these extensive bureaucracies to operate and investigate.

Protests Against California State Taxes In Sacramento

Protests Against California State Taxes In Sacramento

Protests against California State Tax Laws are taking place in Sacramento as good and viable businesses are being chased out of the state by the hungry California state tax bear. A multitude of redundant and conflicting regulations make it difficult to run a small business in California. “Sometimes the details are impossible to keep up with, said Irvine employment law consultant Don Dressler.  Many business owners agreed with Dressler’s basic idea for improving the state-business relationship:

“Cut state government in half and hire people who care about business that is the goose that lays the golden eggs.” The tax Resolution Institute believes the state should be more understanding of business owners caught in the economic crunch in the state that fall behind in their payroll tax commitments and personal income tax bills.

Ron Stein of Principal Technical Services, an Irvine engineer staffing company, recommends the state level the playing field for California businesses with their competitors in other states. If California does not change their tax laws, there is no reason for business owners to remain in Orange County and Irvine. Stein explains that:

“California is out of touch with the fact that businesses must survive in a national and international economy. Private businesses have choices as to where they conduct their business to obtain a return on their investments.” If private business is going to remain in California and continue to thrive, both the California Franchise Tax Board and the Employment Development Department have to make California a positive place to conduct business in a harsh economic climate. Once thriving business owners in Irvine and Orange County are now facing new sets of challenges.

The Tax Resolution Institute understands why so many once thriving business owners find themselves in tax trouble with the California Franchise Tax Board or the Employment Development Department. If you have serious California tax problems and need to find tax relief, contact the Tax Resolution Institute, and we will guide you through the myriad of California tax laws. We can help you find a viable tax resolution to your payroll tax problem that will save your business and keep the doors open to the public. We have helped business owners in Irvine and Orange County in the past find tax relief, and we know we can help you today if you need our assistance.

Tax Relief Scams, Tax Relief Complaints, And Bad Tax Relief Reviews — The Connection

As For Our Competitors… THEY SAY IT, WE DO IT!

Here is a question that deserves a proper answer — why is there such high search volume on Google when it comes to the following key words: Tax Relief Scams, Tax Relief Complaints, and Tax Relief Reviews. The answer to this question is connected to the frustration that the Tax Resolution Institute experiences when we see how many American taxpayers are abused. Rather than provide quality tax resolution services with a balance of expertise and experience to American taxpayers with income tax and payroll tax problems, Tax relief scammers take advantage of people and companies in vulnerable crises, leading to long-term financial injury and a profound loss of trust.

American Taxpayers Should be protected

American Taxpayers Should be Protected!

If we could gather these so-called companies in a room and make a statement, we would say that enough is enough. The focus of our tax resolution services is to help the American taxpayer find true tax relief from a tax crisis and rise again to become productive and profitable.

Enough Tax Relief Scams and Tax Relief Scammers!

Enough Tax Relief Scams and Tax Scammers!

The Tax Resolution Institute is proud to not have any negative listings on the websites that record tax relief scams, complaints or reviews. By doing a good job for our client and by offering not just the diagnosis of a tax problem, but actual treatment that works, our tax resolution services will continue to be seen as the gold standard of excellence. In addition, a healthy percentage of our new clients come directly through recommendations and referrals from past clients. By keeping expectations based in truth and fact, we do for our clients what we promise to do. How does it help anyone in a business to make a promise that you not only fail to deliver on, but that you could never possibly deliver on in the first place?

At the Tax Resolution Institute, we come through for our clients by offering them the promise of experience and expertise with both the IRS and the state taxing agencies. We avoid the burden of tax relief scams, tax relief complaints, and bad tax relief reviews by providing nothing less than the very best in tax resolution services. Contact us today so we can see if we will be able to help you with your income tax or payroll tax case. If we believe we can help you find tax resolution, we will execute what we promise, delivering real tax relief and the freedom of a future without your tax burden. If you need tax resolution services, feel free to contact the Tax Resolution Institute at 800-401-5926 or fill out our  tax resolution form.

IRS Files Tax Liens Against Singer Wyclef Jean, Producer Swizz, And More Rappers In New York And Los Angeles

The Internal Revenue Service has filed tax liens totaling $2.1 million against Haitian born singer Wyclef Jean, who recently announced his plans to run for the presidency of his native country.  The singer was not the only American performer to have tax liens filed against them by the IRS due to poor tax planning and business management. Recently, rapper Young Buck and top producer Swizz, who just married singer Alicia Keyes, also had major tax liens filed against them by the IRS. If they had come to the Tax Resolution Institute for both tax planning before the fact or tax resolution after their money was mishandled, such tax problems would never have arisen.

Wyclef Jean In Tax Lien Trouble With IRS

Wyclef Jean In Tax Lien Trouble With IRS

The IRS filed three tax liens against Wyclef Jean for his 2006, 2007 and 2008 taxes. The agency filed the first tax lien in 2007 for $792,269, the second tax lien was filed last July for $599,167 and the third tax lien was filed in May of this year for $724,332. The 37-year-old singer, who was a member of the Fugees, has paid off earlier tax liens from New Jersey and New York for smaller amounts. The tax liens took on a deeper significance recently after Jean announced his plans to run for the presidency of Haiti. In addition, the besieged singer announced he would resign as leader of his charitable foundation, Yele Haiti, which has been providing aid to the country.

Poor Tax Planning: Singers And Rappers With IRS Tax Liens

Poor Tax Planning: Singers And Rappers With IRS Tax Liens

Should being such an extremely delinquent d taxpayer preclude Jean from trying to reverse the fortunes of his homeland? From our perspective as tax planning and tax resolution services experts, such an inquiry is not really the question at hand. What is more important is that Jean is just one more example of American performers, both singers and rappers, with serious problems with the IRS.

Besides Jean, chart-topping producer Swizz, who married music superstar Alicia Keys last weekend off the coast of X, has had 35 tax liens placed against him over the course of the last seven years. Swizz, born Kasseem Dean, owed more than $4.1 million in three different states between 2003 and 2010. Although he is paying on the bill, the hit making producer still owes over $2.1 million to the IRS. It is one more example of a high profile individual with federal income tax problems and state income tax problems at the same time.

Tax Lien Filed Against Star Producer Swizz

Tax Lien Filed Against Star Producer Swizz

In addition, Detroit rapper Obie Trice owes almost $300,000 dollars to the government.  The IRS filed a tax lien against Obie Trice on June 21st, claiming the rapper is behind on taxes to the tune of $298,000. Earlier this week, federal agents raided the home of Nashville, Tennessee rap star Young Buck and confiscated computers, studio equipment and other assets, to help offset his $300,000 tax burden.

These tax problems should be a huge wake-up call for all entertainers to stay on top of their business affairs by having the best tax planning accountants and tax resolution experts on their personal teams. The Tax Resolution Institute is not only the preeminent Tax Resolution Services firm in the country. In addition, through Creative Arts Management, TRI provides first-rate long-term tax planning and business management. If Wyclef Jean had chosen the Tax Resolution Institute to represent him from the beginning, he never would have found himself in such an untenable position and his passionate run for Haiti’s presidency would not be marred by IRS tax liens and financial scandals.

Tax Resolution Specialists

With over 25 years of experience in helping American taxpayers in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service and State taxing agencies, the Tax Resolution Institute are considered to be the preeminent tax resolution specialists in the entire country. By balancing talented and knowledgeable CPAs with experienced Tax Attorneys, the key to the success of the Tax Resolution Institute is offering a comprehensive approach. From the initial diagnosis of your tax problem to the eventual solution that provides true tax relief, our experience and expertise places you in the capable hands you need to resolve your delinquent tax debt challenge with either the IRS or state taxing agencies.

Do You Need A Tax Resolution Specialist?

Do You Need A Tax Resolution Specialist?

Whether you face a personal income tax problem that feels overwhelming or a payroll tax crisis that threatens the future viability of your business, the worst approach to take in either situation is to stall and become stuck in the morass of hoping the problem will go away by itself. To be perfectly clear and honest, it won’t. The Internal Revenue Service is the largest collection agency in the world, and they never forget or lose sight of a delinquent tax debt.

In today’s computerized world of high tech accounting and debt collection strategies, sooner or later, your back tax problem will be come up and be placed on the desk of an IRS Revenue Officer. When that happens, the letters and the phone calls will soon be replaced by tax liens and tax levies, wage garnishments and asset seizures. Before a tax problem becomes a tax crisis, you need a tax resolution specialist working effectively in your corner.

Tax Relief With A Tax Resolution Specialist

Tax Relief With A Tax Resolution Specialist

Unlike the bevy of tax resolution service scams that give our essential vocation a questionable reputation, the Tax Resolution Institute begins the process of tax resolution with a diagnosis of the problem, then provides a course of specific treatments that addresses the intricacies of your delinquent tax problem. As Peter Stephan, the founder of TRI, explains, “When no one else has an answer, we are ready to help.”

By focusing on the toughest tax resolution cases and finding workable solutions, the Tax Resolution Institute does not offer pie-in-the-sky promises and miraculous answers based in lies and deceit. Instead, we offer you actual tax relief that works through twenty-five years of extensive experience and learned expertise that generates positive results and outcomes. If you need a tax resolution specialist to help solve your IRS tax debt problem or state delinquent tax crisis, contact the Tax Resolution Institute today at (877) 829-8370.