Helping California Companies In Crisis — Tax Resolution Services and Solutions to Payroll Tax Problems

In a challenging economy in the United States and specifically in the state of California, a multitude of small to mid-sized companies have found themselves in a fiscal crisis as accounts dry up and clients cut back on spending. During such an economic crunch, payrolls still have to be paid and the cost of doing business still has to be covered. In light of such month-to-month responsibilities, many business owners find themselves dipping into the trust fund portion of their employee’s paychecks, proverbially stealing from Peter to pay Paul. In light of the 100% Trust Fund Recovery Penalty [...]

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Tax Resolution Services Scams and Complaints Result in “Tax Lady” Roni Deutch Being Sued For $34 Million

According to ABC News and the Associated Press, California Attorney General Jerry Brown is suing the “Tax Lady” Roni Deutch for more than $34 million, alleging that her law firm regularly violates state law by making false promises that it will help people resolve large debts and IRS tax problems with the Internal Revenue Service. Attorney General Jerry Brown contends that Deutch’s TV claims of winning a vast majority of tax battles for her clients with the IRS are false. On her website and in the commercials, Deutch advertises a success rate of up to 99 percent, yet [...]

IRS Focuses On Questionable Employment Payroll Tax Practices While Raising Awareness Of Potential Payroll Tax Schemes

The Tax Resolution Institute has seen how quickly payroll tax problems can take down a once thriving business. As a result, we try to build awareness of the potential bad practices with payroll tax administration that can lead to problems. The Internal Revenue Service issued a consumer alert that covered a variety of schemes where federal payroll taxes are not properly withheld or paid by employers from their employees’ paychecks. If you hit this link, the ENTIRE ARTICLE which is summarized below can be read in full at the website, a first-class resource for tax questions and issues. [...]

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California’s New Gross Receipts Fee On LLCs Leads To Tax Problems In San Jose (Silicon Valley) And San Diego

In 2010, California has instituted a new tax fee that is based on LLC’s “Total Income” in the state. In addition to the annual $800 minimum franchise tax fee imposed on every California Corporation and every California Limited Liability Company, this second "Gross Receipts Tax" is imposed on every California LLC, but not on California corporations. Yes, that is absolutely the truth. In the tough economic climate of California, a LLC must pay a second additional tax on its gross revenues. Since tax problems with California and tax problems with the IRS are becoming more common for California businesses, the [...]

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Rise In California Taxes Threatens Business Owners In Orange County And Irvine

Business owners and entrepreneurs in Orange County and Irvine find themselves in survival mode because they expect higher taxes. Increase in California personal income tax rates also increases the tax burden on these business owners. A perfect example is the $800 minimum tax on all corporations, partnerships and LLCs doing business in California. Even if they are losing money, business owners have to cover this cost, often leading to payroll tax problems and the cutting of corners. In a challenging economic climate, does this make sense? The California Franchise Tax Board and the Employment Development Department are squeezing [...]

Tax Relief Scams, Tax Relief Complaints, And Bad Tax Relief Reviews — The Connection

As For Our Competitors... THEY SAY IT, WE DO IT! Here is a question that deserves a proper answer — why is there such high search volume on Google when it comes to the following key words: Tax Relief Scams, Tax Relief Complaints, and Tax Relief Reviews. The answer to this question is connected to the frustration that the Tax Resolution Institute experiences when we see how many American taxpayers are abused. Rather than provide quality tax resolution services with a balance of expertise and experience to American taxpayers with income tax and payroll tax problems, Tax relief scammers take advantage [...]

IRS Files Tax Liens Against Singer Wyclef Jean, Producer Swizz, And More Rappers In New York And Los Angeles

The Internal Revenue Service has filed tax liens totaling $2.1 million against Haitian born singer Wyclef Jean, who recently announced his plans to run for the presidency of his native country.  The singer was not the only American performer to have tax liens filed against them by the IRS due to poor tax planning and business management. Recently, rapper Young Buck and top producer Swizz, who just married singer Alicia Keyes, also had major tax liens filed against them by the IRS. If they had come to the Tax Resolution Institute for both tax planning before the fact or tax [...]

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Tax Resolution Specialists

With over 25 years of experience in helping American taxpayers in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service and State taxing agencies, the Tax Resolution Institute are considered to be the preeminent tax resolution specialists in the entire country. By balancing talented and knowledgeable CPAs with experienced Tax Attorneys, the key to the success of the Tax Resolution Institute is offering a comprehensive approach. From the initial diagnosis of your tax problem to the eventual solution that provides true tax relief, our experience and expertise places you in the capable hands you need to resolve your delinquent tax debt challenge with [...]