Is Wesley Snipes Guilty Of Tax Evasion Or The Victim Of Criminal Financial Management And Tax Planning?

Is Wesley Snipes really guilty of criminal tax evasion or was the star unaware of what was happening because he was the victim of bad financial management? Since Ken Starr, his former investment advisor and financial manager has been indicted for a Ponzi scheme that reflects Bernard Madoff’s crimes, shouldn’t Snipes be given the benefit of the doubt and a new trial? The serious income tax problems of Wesley Snipes could have been avoided with capable tax planning and management. If Wesley Snipes had placed his financial management and tax planning in the capable hands of Creative Artists Management, all [...]

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Tax Resolution Institute Reduces San Francisco Petroleum Executive’s Tax Liability By $120,000

The Tax Resolution Institute was able to lower the back tax liability of a San Francisco Petroleum Executive by $120,000. By employing federal tax expertise and experience with the IRS, we were able to protect or client from an incorrect assessment after a tax shelter was disallowed. If you need help with a big income tax debt or problem, check out the details of this account. Most likely, we can help you as well and provide real tax relief. The Petroleum Company President recommended that the Executive enter into a major tax shelter. Although the Petroleum Company accountants [...]

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With California’s Tax Rates, The Los Angeles Lakers Almost Lost Lamar Odom And A Repeat As NBA Champions

California’s tax almost cost the Los Angeles Lakers a star player and the chance to repeat as NBA Champions. An essential piece to their puzzle, Lamar Odom was on the verge of leaving LA and sign with another team in the off-season. After all, Lamar Odom soon married Khloe Kardashian and needed serious finances to support his beautiful young bride with expensive tastes. There has long been a dispute about why high-income people leave California. Some say that high taxation and regulation drive businesses and rich people out of the state. The Tax Resolution Institute has a business development side [...]

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San Jose Executive With Payroll Tax Problems Calls TRI Before His 4180 Interview To Determine Responsibility

At a San Jose High Tech Firm in Silicon Valley that was hit hard by the recession, a Director of Operations found himself with serious federal payroll tax problems. He had been called in by the IRS for a 4180 interview which determines who is responsible for the Trust Fund portion of unpaid payroll taxes. Since the IRS demands that the entire Trust Fund portion of back payroll taxes be paid, there is no escaping the debt by the party made responsible for the Trust Fund. As a result, it is essential that if you have a serious payroll tax [...]

Still Hooked: A Bungled Offer In Compromise In San Jose Leads To An Angry Taxpayer Finding Tax Relief With TRI

When it comes to an Offer in Compromise, there are no “Do-Overs” as a new Tax Resolution Institute client in San Jose found out after having his delinquent tax account poorly handled by an incompetent tax professional. For a qualified tax professional like the tax experts at TRI, an Offer in Compromise is an essential tool to help resolve a client’s tax problems with the Internal Revenue Service. When handled properly, an Offer in Compromise can lead to tax relief and future financial freedom for an embattled client with serious tax debts. If mishandled, a failed Offer in [...]

Tax Relief Success in Sacramento: The California Franchise Tax Board Refunds Bank Levy To Taxpayer

For the Tax Resolution Institute, nothing is as satisfying as when we can provide real tax relief success for taxpayers that come to us for help. Before we dive into the true story, we want to note that certain details have been altered to protect the privacy of our client. The Tax Resolution Institute will never violate a client’s right to privacy and anonymity. Recently, we received a letter from a happy Sacramento taxpayer who had received a large refund from the California Franchise Tax Board. What is so rewarding is that money that was previously levied by mistake was [...]

Tax Resolution Expert Markwei Boye Analyzes Income Tax and Payroll Tax Problems in Detroit & Michigan

As the recession continues to hit both American taxpayers and companies, the Tax Resolution Institute is talking with tax experts around the country about rising income tax problems and payroll tax difficulties. By contacting tax professionals with valuable information, TRI will increase the value of this ongoing blog by providing you with the edge you need in these challenging times. To start this series, our first discussion was with Markwei Boye, a respected Enrolled Agent from Detroit who recently started a Tax Resolution Service Blog to address these rising concerns. With a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from [...]

Released from Prison for Income Tax Evasion, R&B Icon Ron Isley has to pay $3.1 Million in Back Taxes to the IRS

Released from prison after completing a three-year sentence for income tax evasion, R&B icon Ron Isley of the legendary group The Isley Brothers, still has to pay off his back tax debt to the Internal Revenue Service. The 68-year-old singer was released on April 13, after a 2006 trial found him guilty of five counts of tax evasion and one count of willful failure to file a tax return. Isley was also ordered to pay $3.1 million in back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service. Isley’s tax crisis never had to become so extreme and damaging. If he [...]