IRS Blueprint for Tax Preparation: Registration for Paid Preparers + Competency Tests for Unenrolled Preparers

After a six-month intensive study, the IRS presented a sweeping reform of and a new blueprint for tax return preparation oversight. Regardless of credentials or licenses, all preparers who sign returns and receive compensation for their accounting work will have to register with the IRS. In addition, although unenrolled preparers will now be required to complete competency testing, they also will have to take continuing education. The registration process for preparers will be conducted online and the tentative start date is September 1, 2010. Although the new requirements will not affect the 2010 filing season in theory, the IRS has [...]

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Pamela Anderson Drowns in over $1.7 Million of IRS Tax Liens

Drowning in a huge financial sinkhole, Pamela Anderson is desperately looking for a rescuer to throw her a life preserver. But no amount of press coverage or public adoration can save the desperate star. The former Baywatch babe, Playboy model and celebrity girlfriend had two huge tax liens filed against her in Los Angeles in 2009. The IRS has filed a $1,700,173 lien against Anderson with the Los Angeles County Recorder of Deeds in October. Earlier in the year, the state of California filed a $252,360 tax lien against her in Los Angeles. Despite the liens and rumors about a [...]