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Welcome to Our New Website!

With an Introduction to Peter Stephan and the Tax Resolution Institute –

Welcome to the launching of the new Tax Resolution Institute website and the beginning of the TRI blog. With our first blog posting, we would like to provide you with an introduction to Peter Stephan and the Tax Resolution Institute. In addition, we will discuss the purpose of this new site and why we chose to take this step forward.

The focus of this website is to help you, the taxpayer, make the right informed choice and take the proper actions to protect your financial future, the security of your family, and the working integrity of your business. We have seen too many people with IRS tax problems ignore the alarm bell blaring for way too long until they found themselves in serious jeopardy.

Yes, we want your business and we want to provide you with true tax resolution, but we also hope to provide with the information you need to make an educated and choice and a focused decision that leads to action. Peter Stephan and the Tax Experts at the Tax Resolution Institute have seen too much unnecessary damage done to good Americans because they became stuck, paralyzed in fear, and failed to take the proper actions. Enough is enough!

Since we have the tools and the expertise, the experience and the know-how, we want to be able to help you find tax relief…! As a direct result, we created this website to bring the information directly to you. There is no reason to place your financial future in such critical danger. With a deep breath and a single phone call, you can help to save yourself from the nightmare of IRS collection actions taken against you: wage garnishments, bank levies, and asset seizures. You deserve the freedom so we are giving you the information.

As the respected author of “The Ultimate Tax Resolution Guide” and an essential resource for tax professionals across California, Peter Stephan founded the Tax Resolution Institute to provide tax relief for the American taxpayer in crisis. With decades of experience in Tax Resolution and with offices in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, the Tax Resolution Institute is comprised of experienced tax professionals, including CPAs, Tax Attorneys, and former IRS agents working in-house.

The Tax Resolution Institute provides unrivaled resolution services for taxpayers faced with problems associated with Federal and State taxing agencies. Under the leadership and guidance of Peter Stephan, our Tax Resolution Experts have provided tax relief and solutions for thousands of individuals with both IRS tax problems for both individual income taxes and business payroll taxes at the Federal level. In addition, because of our Southern California locations in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, we have become the foremost experts in providing California state tax relief for both the California Franchise Tax Board for individuals and the California Employment Development Department for employers.

As opposed to other tax companies that have only limited options, Peter Stephan’s leadership of TRI is focused on the diagnosis of tax issues (not just treatment), leading directly to resolution and relief.

The Pledge of the Tax Resolution Institute is that if you believe your tax situation is dire, we want your business. We can find a real solution to ensure your future. Even if no one else has the answer, we can help you today.